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Man's religion & God's religion 2

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Man's religion & God's religion 3

It was not the nails

Satan's tether!
Love at first sight!
They are mere muck-worms!
According to their various needs

When the Lord makes up His jewels

A monster in the church of God!
Deaf & dumb?
Transformed into His likeness
The sovereignty of God

The wilderness

Only a huge clod of dust
Many are called
He puts His hand in a mysterious way into the heart
How do we receive Jesus?

Sin, Satan & the world

The hardest thing in the world!
It was not the nails nor the spear

Deity suffered, bled & died!

If you had a crippled child
True prayer
A sealed book
The eye of God

A rough, rugged & thorny road

If I have learned anything
Look how sin has ruined your soul
Look how sin has ruined your soul 1

The history of the Old Testament

Three branches of divine truth
They only plunge themselves deeper in the ditch!
Grace & glory
The secret of super-abounding grace

Fitted together perfectly

Loaded dice!
Whatever other form self may come
What is your heaviest trial?
This body of sin & death!

A few grains of error

A few grains of error 1
When a man loathes himself
Such a deceptive creature
The strait & narrow path

He will never let you have an earthly paradise

The river
To be truly saved
How do you measure your knowledge of truth?
Behold, I am vile

We may easily measure men's religion

A God who will not be mocked nor trifled with
Absolute dependence upon the Lord
My grace is sufficient
O, what opposition

Did ever a man see so filthy a sight?

The veil is taken away!
Two grand lessons
That idol, religious self
The furnace of affliction

He fell through the sieve!

Lean, barren, dead & unprofitable
And is not this a painful operation?

Earthly, sensual, devilish

Divine eye-salve
Where are they?
Mark the contrast!
He cannot see, nor know, nor feel

Take a glance

Snares, traps, baits
Carnal joy
Baubles, toys, passing shadows
Glued & fettered

Dark marks stamped upon this bright profession!

That huge, that deformed, that ugly idol
Our cobweb garment of creature righteousness
Little else than ignorance & folly!
The Sculptor
The lusts of the flesh!

If you want to eat your food in misery

My groaning!
God's presence!
If I wash myself with snow
The unceasing conflict

The Lord sends afflictions for a special purpose

The greatest burden & trial
Such a poor, blind, ignorant creature as I
A great deal of talk about religion
This sacred teaching

When the eye is spiritually opened

Every other object of desire & affection faded away
Holy longing & intense desires
God will have all the glory!
Your greatest sweets

Such a mystery

Destitute of vital godliness
Our lost, ruined state
Inward ornaments
A precious, saving experience

They will not & cannot give it up

O visit me
The Word, in the hands of the Spirit
Free from its power & influence
It is hard work to have our filth removed

Your money

A slavery too galling for our proud heart to bear!
Romantic expectations of a little earthly paradise?


The first step in the divine life
The Christian's conscience
They were out of their minds!
How different might it have been with us!

Day by day

Man's ways & God's ways
A desperately wicked old man
Five particular points connected with sin
We can never understand what redemption is

You can do yourself more harm in five minutes

A snare, a mockery & a delusion
Bosom idols
A mother sin
Believing a few doctrines

Reading the word under divine influence

He will turn again
Strangers & pilgrims
Our religious works
All these slips & falls

A tender, gracious, humble & godly spirit

A Pharisaical, self-righteous spirit
What a dreadful explosion there would be!
There may be true grace in the heart

Felt helplessness & utter ruin

A paradox & an apparent contradiction
We have to fight
A sanctifying influence
We are troubled on every side


Some of the privileges of Son-ship
A heavenly religion
We are not to set our affections on them
Defiled, loathsome & abominable

Deepest enmity of the profane & professing world

No condemnation
Sin will lurk & work
What has enabled you to continue up to this day?
No reconciliation or regeneration in the grave

This simple, this single, this sincere desire

O how cruel!
My grace is sufficient.

Eternal life.

Shall we then go back
Only two grand classes
We need a high priest
The consequences of death

Errors abound on every side

Give! Give!
Holy longings & spiritual breathings
The scale!
When Jesus manifests Himself to the soul

A few minutes sweet communion

What grace!
There is no purgatory
A miracle of grace
Strength in the time of trouble

Heaven would be no heaven to you

What would have been our gloomy case
The great strength of sin
A sound mind
The soul melts at the sight!

Our best works?

Seducers & corrupters
Up from the wilderness
Who is this?
Heavenly wisdom

We may have a sound creed

They love to be deceived
Opened up in all its filth & gore
The infirmities of Christian brethren
Anticipate no easy road

Our only preservation

The influence of worldly professors
Dying men & women in a dying world
They must exert a daily & visible influence
Only Jesus can

We are all in the hospital

When the children of God meet
The creature
Our base ingratitude
Where sin abounded
This secret anointing oil

The sins of devils

The exceeding greatness of His power
What a creature man is!

They make him mourn

I am full of confusion!
My inward diabolism
The afflictions the Lord sends on His people
Who are these men?

Self-esteem & self-exaltation?

The highest privilege
A pilgrim & a stranger
They have done you good
God's divine appointment


Applied with a divine power to the heart
If we deny Him
A continual snare to us

The heavenly runner

Comfort your hearts
The hypocrite's hope
Going to heaven?
It was sovereign grace

Planted by Satan

Know nothing, have nothing, be nothing
There are many idols in the heart
With hell are we at agreement
The joy of his heart & the theme of his tongue

He is a poor man

Be merciful to me
Pity & power
God's teachings
Nothing but the power of God

Carried away by sin

O how cruelly has sin reigned in the heart of man
One of the greatest troubles a child of God can have
Wherever we go, wherever we turn our eyes
Every fresh discovery of our vile nature

Has He ever erred?

Only one hand can ease the trouble
Feeding upon this vile garbage?
And why?

It is not our holiness

Oh that I knew where I might find Him!
What Job wanted

What is repentance?

A man's greatest & worst enemy
Screwed into him by an Almighty hand
The furnace of affliction.
The nominal professor of religion

We cannot help or deliver ourselves

What is vital godliness?
By the fall
Divine light

It is no easy smooth path

It levels this idol prostrate in the dust
This internal warfare
Where else can I hide?
Take the lid off the boiling pot

The greatest attainment in religion

Sail down the stream of a dead profession
Have you ever felt the love of God in your souls?
That eternal line which separates
Dipped in love

The difference between a believer & an unbeliever

Rods of different sizes
Fleeting, fluctuating opinions of worms
The two characters in the temple
The road to heaven

Think for a moment

When I am weak
A time to weep
A time to mourn

The flesh

Bought with a price
Labouring under temptations
What does God see in you?
He cannot find real pleasure in the world

Natural conviction for sin

Objects of undeserved love
Godly fear

Found in hypocrites, apostates & reprobates

Salvation consists of three parts
Salvation as an internal reality

Man's religion

This ceaseless conflict
What mysterious arithmetic!
The height of Christian maturity
Our coward flesh shrinks from the flame

Weighed, measured & timed by infinite love

The discovery of what we are
They shall walk and not faint
The soaring soul

The religion of a dead professor.1

He knows what is best for you!
Great barriers to receiving Christ
The cause of all our misery
The authors of our own misery

If we are travellers Zion-ward

The religious professor
We do not know what is to come
The only true commentator
We may see so much evil in ourselves

A line chalked out by a worm!

The secret of all preaching
Life is fast passing away
What a debt of gratitude
Allow it to embrace you

One of the worst spots

What a mine of heavenly instruction!
True prayer.
Throw it into the river!
So dreadful, so hateful & abhorrent

My soul is exceedingly sorrowful

I admire and love the grace of God
In a lame state
Born blind?
Such a sight

Genuine soul humility

When the blessed Spirit takes us in hand
Which would you rather be?
The grand delusion of our day

Pluck out the peacock feathers

The God of all grace
The fruits of suffering

Nothing but this can really break the sinner's heart

That is idolatry, damnable idolatry!
You cannot carry your own burdens
He will subdue our iniquities
Why is flesh so weak?

The free grace of God!

The black cloud of our vileness
How does the Lord humble?
The steep hill
A more blessed appetite

More and more dependent on Him

The first spot
The regenerating operations of the Holy Spirit
A transforming effect
The path may be rough

It has made him love sin & hate God

Indispensably necessary
The least religion of their own
What vain toys
The evils of their heart

Doctrines floating in the brain?

The race!
A divine power in my soul?
Often sinking, often shaken, often cast down
He showers them in rich profusion

What shall she know?

Those who followed Him
That one sin
When God looks upon His elect

We love a smooth path

God's purpose
Not a grain! Not an atom!
When, where & to whom it shall come
Painful vicissitudes & changes

The soundest doctrines in his head

A thousand different shapes & colours
Brain religion
The road to heaven
Until we view eternal purity

A constant clog to the soul

Your paradise
A poor bruised reed

Moab at ease

In the sweetest cup of the ungodly
A solitary way
Hopeless, helpless, house-less, refuge-less
The prospect of eternal glory

Sufferings & sorrows of an incarnate God!

The eye of God
A perfect saint
Scanderbeg's sword
Love to Christ

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