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China Tells its Citizens to Evacuate North Korea

Published on 2 May 2017

China has told its citizens living in North Korea to evacuate, amidst rising tensions between North Korea and the US. At the same time China and Russia are demanding the THAAD system be removed from Soul and Russian General warns that US may be planning preemptive Nuclear strike on Russia

Israel Retaliates against Syrian Army

Published on 21 Apr 2017

What will be the spark that ignites a global conflict, North Korea seems to be an optimal point now. Followed by Russia and China coming to North Korea's aide. This in turn will bring swift action in Europe on Moscow's door steps then Syria will be finished off in the Middle East. Did we leave anything out? Oh yes the purpose to sink freedom of speech n the US with a Nuclear war. links

North Korea Warns Of "Super Mighty Preemptive Strike"

Published on 20 Apr 2017

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US Sends Two More Aircraft Carriers to Korea

Published on 18 Apr 2017

US prepares for war sends two more Aircraft Carriers to Korean waters. Seems Russia and China's presence has concerned the US Generals so before striking North Korea they have decided to send two more Aircraft carriers to the region.

North Korea Warns They Will Strike US Bases

Published on 14 Apr 2017

Tensions are at an extreme level between the US and North Korea, so much so that China warns at any minute some one could pull the trigger.


APR 13, 2017

Officials believe that right now, at this very moment, North Korea has placed a live nuclear weapon into a launch tunnel and is preparing to detonate it. Leader Kim Jong-Un has told foreign journalists in the region to “prepare for a big event” tomorrow. President Trump has already ordered US warships to North Korea, and saying he will not allow this to happen. It is believed North Korea is in the final states of preparing for its sixth nuclear test. North Korea has warned the USA that it would respond with a nuclear strike if provoked.

North Korea Evacuates Capital Anticapation of US Strike

Published on 12 Apr 2017

Kim Jung Un has ordered the evacuation 600,000 citizens from the capital of Pyongyang. Igor Korotchenko is the editor and chief of the National Defense Journal he seems to think the US may use a Nuclear strike on the capital or up to 600 Tomahawk cruise Missiles over whelming North Korea's response capabilities.

Red Alert: Putin Says Russian US Relations Have Degraded

Published on 12 Apr 2017

Russia's president Vladimir Putin states on April 12, 2017 if the relations between the United States and Russia especially the military side has severely been degraded

US and China Secretly Prepared for Invasion of North Korea

Published on 10 Apr 2017

US and China form Coalition to Take Down North Korea

In a shocking turn of events it appears that China has been working with the United States secretly to topple Kim Jung Un North Korea's Dictator.
Last year when China moved the feared Dongfeng-41 a nuclear capable inter continental Balistic Missiles to the North East Province of China experts were reporting that China was getting their Missiles closer to the mainland of the United States. Noone connected the dots that the China was working secretly with the US to take down North Korea.
Russia too is preparing for the US led coalition to strike Syria. Now President Putin has realized Erdogan is no friend of Russia and that the US has planned to finish the job that Obama started to topple Syria's President Bashar al-Assad. There has been no proof that Assad used chemical weapons on his people but to the contrary the Rebels had Chemical weapons stockpiled, and Assad forces thinking they were taking out an arms cache in facthit a chemical weapons cache.

Russia Suspends Cooperation on Flight Safety With US

Published on 7 Apr 2017

In the first step that could be interpreted as a first step in retaliation of the US Cruise Missile strike on Syria Russia suspends the cooperation of air traffic safety over Syria. Also the first images of the US Cruise Missile strike on Syria has begun to surface. Inside information shows that Russia nor Syria tried to stop the incoming cruise missiles with the S300 defense system

EU President Backs Trump to Topple Syrian President Assad

Published on 7 Apr 2017

Trump builds support to take down Assad will it back fire or find a world at war

Syrian Rebels Behind Sarin Gas Attack

Published on 5 Apr 2017

The media is at again blaming the Syrian President Assad for gassing innocent civilians. Remember 2013 the gas attack that was meant to justify putting boots on the ground. Eren Erdem exposed this sinister plot by ISIS and Turkey to blame Syria. Now the famed White Helmets are working with the Syrian Rebels in what appears to be another blame game gas attack.

US Syrian Invasion Planned Months Ago

Published on 5 Apr 2017

US Syrian Invasion Planned Months In Advance President Trump claims that Syria has crossed the final red-line when just two days earlier Trump vowed no regime change in Syria. Well that’s odd Trump was moving his military equipment within striking distance of Damascus the same day he was claiming there would be no regime change in Syria.

Breaking: Russia Struck By Another Terrorist Attack

Published on 4 Apr 2017

Two Police officers assassinated in what appears to be an apparent terrorist attack in southern Russia. In the province of Astrakhan two police officers were murdered while working a traffic stop.

US Moves Military Equipment in Striking Distance of Damascus

Published on 3 Apr 2017

Is the US Preparing to Invade Damascus? As absurd as this may sound the evidence seems to stack up in favor of this scenario of a US led invasion of Damascus, Syria. The movement of US desert Camo military equipment was done in a way to avoid detection by Russia. First to Germany to make it appear as a buildup on Russia’s border, then to Poland final to a port in Romania, then reloaded at set sail to Beirut Lebanon where Damascus comes into view. All the while Israeli US Italian and UAE military work in Greece to overcome Russia s300 air defense system. Israel moves their forces into the Golan for supposed drills. All troops in position Damascus to be hit next.