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Articles of Charles F. Stanley

A Knock at the Door

Belonging to God's Family
How do I handle arguments within my family?
Freely Forgiven
Gaining Courage in Tough Times
Guarding Against Temptation
How do I deal with memories of childhood rejection?
How do I witness to my children?
How will I know God’s answer to my prayer?
Is there a limit to God's forgiveness?
Reflections on Obedience

Setting Goals

The Best Friend You Will Ever Have
The Joy of Obedience
The Roadblock of Doubt
Why are my prayer unanswered?
Why should I place my confidence in God?
A Biblical View of Government
A Fresh Start
Anchored in God’s Word

Anticipating Our Lord's Return

Basic Christianity
Battling in Prayer
Can God Forgive My Sin?
Controlling Sinful Appetites
Escape the Guilt Trap
God's Purpose for Adversity
Discipline and the Strong-Willed Child
Where Are You, Lord?
Why We Harbor Anger

Why Does God Allow Failure?

When Temptation Knocks
When God Says, "Wait"
When God Says "No"
What Is Genuine Repentance?
Weathering the Storms of Life
Understanding the End Times: The Rapture
Understanding the End Times: The Lake of Fire
Understanding the End Times: The Antichrist
Understanding the End Times: Armageddon

Turning Inadequacy into Victory

Trust and Obey
Triumph over Fear
Those Who Stop Believing
Tithing and Giving
The Testimony You Live By
The Swaying Battle Of Faith
A Biblical View of Government
The Precious Blood of Jesus
The Price of Walking Away

The Process of Evangelism

The Gift of Peace
The Gift of Prophecy
The Gift of Service
The Gift of Teaching
The Guidance of the Holy Spirit

Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

Sunday, April 01, 2012

We know that God loves everyone, but this wonderful truth has been twisted to mean that He would never limit His grace by claiming Jesus is the only way to be saved. In this sermon, Dr. Stanley explains who Christ is, why He had to die, and why we must accept Him as our Savior in order to be reconciled to God.




How do I accept Jesus as my Savior?


How can I get to know God better?


Why is it important that I obey God?


Can I know God’s will?


How do I know if I am hearing God?


Why pray? What is prayer for?


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