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WiCWiki has been in existence now in various forms for nearly 17yrs when our very first early site launched in 2000. Since then as with our beliefs have been on a extraordinary journey and have been able to build a website that is so vast with a staggering 78,564 articles, you could be here for days.... well we hope.

Our biggest aim is to share the Word of God through a medium that is accessible to everyone who has access to a PC, Tablet or even mobile device. We have searched through every nook and cranny of the Wibbly Wobbly Web to find the best and most accurate articles according to the bible, all into to one place...www.wicwiki.org.uk. *formerly known as What is Christianity

We hope we become your source for information relating to the Christian religion and pray that these articles help you in every way possible.

God Bless

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What becomes of Christmas, when the day is gone? It is the gladdest day of the year. It is celebrated in all Christian lands. The churches observe it, sometimes with great pomp and splendor, with stately music and elaborate ceremonial, sometimes in simple, homely worship. It is kept in homes, with happy greetings and good wishes, and universal giving of gifts. Everyone, even the miser, grows generous at the Christmas time.

Men who are ordinarily cold and unmoved toward human need, wax warm-hearted in these glad days. People everywhere rise to a high tide of kindly feeling. There is scarcely a home anywhere, however lowly, which the Christmas sentiment does not reach with its kindliness. Public institutions—orphanages, hospitals, homes, prisons, refuges, reformatories—all feel themselves touched as by a breath of heaven, for the one day.

What becomes of all the joy when Christmas is over? Does it stay in the life of the community afterward? Do we have it in our homes the next day and the next week? Do we feel it in the atmosphere of our churches? Does it stay in the hearts of people in general? Do the carols sing on next day? Does the generous kindness continue in the people's hearts? Does the love in homes rich and poor abide through the winter?

Two or three years ago, in one of our cities, an Oriental was giving his impressions of our American Christmas. He said that for weeks before Christmas, people's faces seemed to have an unusual light in them. They were all bright and shining. Everyone seemed unusually kindly and courteous. Everyone was more thoughtful, more desirous of giving pleasure than had been his accustomed. Men who at other season of the year had been stern, unapproachable, were now genial, hearty, easy to approach. Those who ordinarily were stingy, not responding to calls for charity, had become, for the time, generous and charitable. Those who had been in the habit of doing base things, when they entered the warm Christmas zone seemed like new men, as if a new spirit possessed them. And the Oriental said it would be a good thing if all the charm of the Christmas spirit, could be made to project itself into the New Year.

This is really the problem to be solved. Christmas ought not to be one day only in the year—it should be all the days through the year.

We may as well confess that the solution has not yet been realized. Almost immediately after Christmas, we fall back into a selfish way of living which is far below the high tide to which we rose at Christmas. There is a picture which shows the scene of our Lord's crucifixion in the afternoon of that terrible day. The crowd is gone, the crosses are empty, and all is silent. In the background is seen a donkey nibbling at a piece of withered palm branch. This was all that was left of the joy and enthusiasm of Psalm Sunday.

Is it not much the same with the beautiful life of Christmas? Five days afterward, will not the world have gone back to its old coldness, selfishness, and hardness? Will not the newspapers have resumed the story of wrong, injustice, greed, and crime, just as if there had been no Christmas, with its one day's peace and good will? Shall we not have again about us, within a few days, the old competition, wrangling, strife and bitterness among men? The sweet flowers of Christmas will soon be found trampled in the dust by the same feet which, this Christmas, are standing by the cradle of the Christ-child.

How can we keep the Christmas spirit with us after the day has passed on the calendar? We cannot legislate a continuation of Christmas good will. We cannot extend it by passing resolutions. We cannot hold it in the world's life by lecturing and exhorting on the subject. Yet there ought to be some way of making Christmas last more than one day. It is too beautiful to be allowed to fade out after only one brief day's stay in the world. What can we do to extend it? We can begin by keeping the beautiful vision in our own life.

There is a story of a young woman who had been with an outing party all day. In the morning, as she left her home, almost unconsciously she had slipped a branch of sweetbrier into her dress. She altogether forgot that it was there. All day, wherever she went with her friends, she and others smelled the spicy fragrance—but none knew whence it came. Yet that night, when she went to her room there was the handful of sweetbrier tucked away in her dress, where she had put it in the morning, and where, unconsciously, she had carried it all day.

The secret was revealed. It is when we have the sweetness in our own life, that we begin to be a sweetener of other lives. We cannot depend upon others for our Christ-likeness, but if we have it in our own heart we will impart it to those about us. We cannot find sweetness on every path that our feet must press. Sometimes we must be among uncongenial people, people whose lives are not loving, with whom it is not easy to live cordially in close relations. The only way to be sure of making all our course in life a path of sweetness is to have the fragrance in ourselves. Then on bleakest roads, where not a flower blooms, we still shall walk in perfumed air—the perfume being in our hearts. It is our own heart which makes our world. We find everywhere what we take with us. If our lives are gentle, patient, loving—we find gentleness, patience, lovingness everywhere. But if our hearts are bitter, jealous, suspicious—we find bitterness, jealousy, suspicion, on every path.

Shall we not strive to make Christmas a continual festival, and not merely the festival of one day? This does not mean a constant celebration of the outer life of Christmas—but a continuance of its spirit.

Henry Van Dyke puts it thus: "Are you willing to stoop down to consider the needs and the desires of little children; to remember the weakness and loneliness of people who are growing old; to stop asking how much your friends love you, and ask yourself whether you love them enough; to bear in mind the things that other people have to bear in mind—the things that other people have to bear on their hearts; to try to understand what those who live in the same house with you really want, without waiting for them to tell you; to trim your lamp so that it will give more light and less smoke; to make a grave for your ugly thoughts, and a garden for your kindly feelings, with the gate open? Are you willing to do these things even for a day? Then you can keep Christmas."

And when we are doing these things every day, Christmas will have fulfilled its mission.

Pin.pngThe True God according to Jesus

Jesus demonstrates to us the inescapable fact - that he knew the one true God was not a three person being but his Father alone. Do you trust his testimony on this matter or do you prefer doctrines crafted by men?

Pin.pngHillsong Exposed - The Reptilian False Prophetsj

The Reptilian Anointing [ Extended Version ]

Pin.pngDid Yeshua Die on a Stake, a Pole, a Cross or a Tree, Aug.6, 2017


These 5 facts revolve around the Watchtower, Knights Tempar, Freemasonry, subliminal images / messages, the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, the New World Order, Charles Taze Russell, False prophecies about the end of the world like 1914 and 1925, and more!

Pin.pngGlobal Warming Hoax, Best Document Ever

While the global temperature is starting to decline as we go into the Mini-Ice-Age, the politically driven ( UN, IPCC, Al Gore) mainstream scientists are still propagandizing Global Warming to access to funding.

Keys to Healing and Deliverance with Bill Subritzky

Keys to Healing and Deliverance video includes How to Break Curses International speaker Bill Subritzky from Auckland, New Zealand teaches on the keys to receive Healing and Deliverance and points to things that hinder this process.

Pin.png7 FACTS About UNCLEAN MEAT You Probably Didn't Know !!!

Many Christian churches teach that it's alright to eat pork and other animals that the Bible identifies as unclean. They say that Jesus cleansed all meat and that the dietary restrictions against unclean meat is not part of the New Covenant. They say it was only for the Jews. But is that true? Find out by watching this video!

Do you have a ministry or a business

Do you have a called of God ministry where your whole purpose is to "feed the sheep", and God supplies your needs, or do you have books, tapes, videos, etc. that you SELL for a "donation", or just outright SELL, and your buyers supply your needs?

There is nothing wrong with being in business and selling things. However, if you are a church or any kind of "ministry", you may want to check your motive for how you are conducting the work of the Lord.

Remember the money changers in the temple where JESUS turned over the tables and threw them out. They were selling things in the "CHURCH".
(God made it quite clear to us that we were not to charge for anything, that HE is our source.)

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Pin.pngMid-East Prophecy Update – December 10th, 2017

Pastor J.D. talks about the prophetic implication of the President’s declaration concerning Jerusalem. --- Those wishing to give to Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, please visit http://www.calvarychapelkaneohe.com/i...


Donald Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital, reversing longtime U.S. policy and will move the US embassy to Jerusalem …. This decision is causing strong protests from World and Arab leaders …. Israeli warplanes have struck Hamas military targets in the Gaza Strip after Palestinian militants fired rockets into Israel …. Hamas chief: ‘Blessed intifada’ will continue until ‘Jerusalem’s liberation’ …. 'Out of control' wildfires explode in California and tens of thousands flee …. Australia becomes officially the 26th country to legalize same sex marriage


War with Iran’s proxies could be ‘weeks’ away, Israel’s US envoy warns …. What to know about Scarlet Fever, the Antique Disease that’s on the upswing …. Saudi Arabia hopes US will not recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel …. US families urged to EVACUATE military bases near Seoul amid fears North Korea WAR ‘close’ …. North Korea missile 'seen by Cathay Pacific airline crew' …. US officials warn Trump not to call Jerusalem Israel’s capital

Pin.pngMid-East Prophecy Update – December 3rd, 2017

Pastor J.D. talks about the upcoming decision concerning the US Embassy move to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. --- Those wishing to give to Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, please visit http://www.calvarychapelkaneohe.com/i...


The amount of earthquakes and the magnitude happening is unbelievable …. 151 UN states vote to disavow Israeli ties to Jerusalem …. Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of drunkenness to all the surrounding peoples (Zechariah 12:2) …. Israel strikes Syrian ‘military targets’ near Damascus …. the prophecy of Isaiah 17 might be close for its fulfillment


Israel vows to destroy Iranian positions within 40 km of Syrian border …. IDF declares naval Iron Dome system operational …. North Korea fires ICBM, splashes in sea close to Japan …. Rise in Antisemitism troubling Australia’s Jews …. Europe’s HIV epidemic growing at alarming rate, WHO war …. Australian vaccination: All doctors under the gun, minister of health keeps lying …. There have been 698 earthquakes in California within the past 30 days …. Jewish and Muslim leaders unite to demand protection under gay marriage law


We are living in perilous times …. at least 235 dead in the Sinai bombing at a mosque most likely done by ISIS …. Russian president Vladimir Putin has become the most influential player at OPEC …. Russia, Israel and Iran are the three big players in the End-times scenario …. Iran army chief vows next war will see 'eradication' of Israel …. The Church of Sweden orders its clergy to stop referring to God as ‘Lord’ and ‘He’ and be gender neutral …. Woe to those who call good evil and evil good (Isaiah 5:20)

Pin.pngMid-East Prophecy Update – November 26th, 2017

Pastor J.D. talks about the prophetic significance of Putin’s meeting with Erdogan and Rouhani. --- Those wishing to give to Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, please visit http://www.calvarychapelkaneohe.com/i...


Netanyahu presses Putin on keeping Iran out of Syria …. IDF holding training exercises in Golan Heights, Jordan Valley …. IDF fires 'warning shot' after Syrian border construction …. Assad makes rare trip outside Syria to meet with Putin ahead of wider talks …. Lebanon under ‘total control’ of Hezbollah, Bahrain says, First Transgender Minister Appointed In UK Methodist Church

Pin.pngMid-East Prophecy Update – November 19th, 2017

Pastor J.D. talks about the Texas Church murders and addresses the massive geopolitical shift in the Middle East. --- Those wishing to give to Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, please visit http://www.calvarychapelkaneohe.com/i...


The Trump administration is pushing the peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians …. Hezbollah on high alert due to Israeli threats and has more than 150,000 missiles to attack Israel …. ISIS has lost 95% of its caliphate …. Iran and Russia building more military bases in Syria …. Saudi Arabia’s king to step down next week and handing over the crown to his 32 year old son …. Yes vote for same sex marriage in Australia will have severe future consequences


Pastor Andrew Russell talks about the same-sex marriage vote: What the vote will mean for Australia.

Pin.pngGuest Pastor Billy Crone: Big Brother and the Coming Apocalypse

Pastor Crone speaks on how drone technology and artificial intelligence will aid in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy of the annihilation of most of the world.


Iran is building a permanent military base in Syria, south of Damascus …. Syria declares victory over Islamic State …. Saudi Arabia orders its citizens out of Lebanon because of rising fears of war …. Palm Springs city council in California will be 100 percent LGBT when two new members are installed in December after victories in Tuesday's election


Texas Shooting - Mass Shooting in Texas Church …. One year mark for US-Presidential election …. Iran and Gulf nations prepare for war. Sudden reshuffle in Iran’s top army, naval commands …. Lebanon PM Hariri resigns, assails Iran and Hezbollah …. Abbas heads to Riyadh for impromptu meeting with Saudi rulers

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