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The Church in Philadelphia

1.What "church" are we in, in the present hour?

2.Read Revelation 3:7.

3.What does the name Philadelphia mean?
Brotherly love.

4.Is denominationalism the normal state for the Christian Church, the Body of Christ?
No. The slightest knowledge of Scripture indicates to us that denominationalism, the separation of the Church into competing camps, is alien to the concept of the one Body of Christ.

5.Will the denominational divisions of the Christian Church be in existence when Christ returns to the earth?
Our belief is that they no longer will be in existence by that time.

6.What three forces may divide the Christian churches into the true Church and the professing Christians?
One of the forces will be the Spirit of God. Another force will be the persecution of Christian worshipers. A third force will be the earthwide rise of lawlessness— the revolt against authority (the apostasy) that the Scriptures informus will take place before the Lord returns. There will be such an abundance of sin, such an opportunity to engage in the lusts of the flesh, that the majority of believers will succumb to immorality.

7.Does there seem to be a diminishing of the spirit of sectarian pride and loyalty today?
There seems to be an acknowledgment in some instances that churches ought to combine. However, fierce loyalties to the various institutions still exist.

8.What is the first "word" to the ruling spirit of the church in Philadelphia?

9.What is the Holy Spirit emphasizing today?

10.Can a sinning believer walk in fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ?
No; not if he is aware of the sin.

11.Is holiness of behavior an important part of the New Testament writings?

12.What will be the two opposing forces in the battle of the end-time?
Truth and error.

13.What must Satan accomplish in order to overcome a saint?
Persuade him or her to believe a lie.

14.How can we keep ourselves in the truth?
As Christ is formed in us the Truth is formed in us. The most essential aspect of remaining in the truth is to have Christ formed in us. It is also of utmost importance that we accept the sufferings and prisons that come our way. Believers who refuse to share the sufferings of Christ will be deceived. They have not loved the truth

15.Does God ever bless people whose doctrine is not perfect?
Yes—in numerous instances.

16.What must each conqueror maintain if he is to avoid being deceived?
An attitude of prayerful watchfulness.

17.What can help us guard against deception?
The knowledge of the Scriptures enables us to discern between good and evil, between what is holy and what is not holy, between what is of God and what is of Satan.

18.What will come to the person who does not obey the Scriptures?

19.What can a strong desire on our part do easily?
Masquerade as a direction from the Lord.

20.What is the basic nature of the war between Christ and Antichrist?
It is a battle between truth and deception.

21.How can we distinguish between those who are of Christ and those who are of Antichrist?
Those who are of Christ are walking in righteousness and holiness. Also, they are obedient to Christ and are not seeking the accomplishment of their own will. Those who are of Antichrist are continuing in the lusts of the flesh. They are self-willed, self-centered, self-ruled. They are not cross-carrying disciples.

22.Read I John 2:29; 3:7,8.

23.What is true of those who claim that righteousness and holiness of behavior are not essential to the Christian life?
They are not of the truth or of Christ but are of the spirit of error.

24.What is the "key of David"?
The key of the Kingdom of God.

25.When we come to the church in Philadelphia, what is emphasized?
Building the Kingdom of God. .

26.Why did King Saul have so much difficulty obeying the Lord?
Saul feared the people more than he did God.

27.What does King Saul represent?
The fleshly self-will of human leadership.

28.Why was the Lord with David continually?
Because David loved the Lord and obeyed the Lord.

29.What did David build?
The Kingdom of Israel.

30.What is the Church of Christ to do now?
To follow the Lord and trust in Him to build the Kingdom of God.

31.What is given to the saint who will allow the Holy Spirit to build the Kingdom of God through him?
The authority and power to open and to shut, to bind and to loose, to forgive sins and to retain sins.

32.Can a political power close off a nation of people from the Gospel of Christ when Christ has determined that those people shall hear His Word?

33.What power in the heavens or on the earth is greater than the power of Christ?
There is no greater power or equal power.

34.In what name does the conqueror think, speak, and act?
The Lord Jesus Christ.

35.When does Christ allow a conqueror to use the key of David?
As soon as the saint ceases from his own works and enters the rest of the Spirit of God, the rest that is an abiding in God’s rest.

36.What is true of each conqueror?
Each conqueror is an expression of Christ when Christ has been formed in him and is dwelling in him, and he is living in Christ and by Christ rather than by his own religious efforts.

37.Read Revelation 3:8.

38.Are we now in a period of spiritual decline, or revival?
Revival. It is our sincere conviction that we are in the early stages of the greatest outpouring of God’s Spirit in the history of the earth, and that signs and wonders of unprecedented authority and power will follow the preaching of the Gospel of Christ to every nation under the heaven.

39.What did Jesus say will happen before the end of the age?
The Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached to all nations for a witness.

40.What has Christ set before us today?
An open door leading into the fullness of the Kingdom of God.

41.What is coming soon on the earth?
The darkest hour ever known to mankind.

42.What should we do with our "little strength"?
Press forward until we become strong in the Lord and in the power of His strength.

43.Will heroes of faith arise in the end-time?
The people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits. It is our point of view that some of the greatest leaders of the Kingdom will be produced from the present generation of children.

44.Read Revelation 3:9.

45.What eventually will happen to the false professors of Christianity?
They will be forced to worship God at the feet of the true saints.

46.Read Revelation 3:10.

47.What reward is given to those who keep the word of Christ’s patience?
Christ will keep them from the hour of temptation.

48.Read John 17:15.

49.Is it the will of Christ that the saints be taken out of the world?

50.What is the will of Christ for His own?
That we be kept, guarded, from the evil (one).

51.What does God do for the saint who is going through great difficulties?
God makes a way of escape for him so he may be able to triumph throughout the particular trial. God keeps him in the midst of temptation.

52.What does the Lord sometimes allow to happen to us?
He allows us to remain in difficult circumstances until we achieve victory through His faithfulness and glory.

53.Can the Lord God of Heaven bring one of His saints through deep waters and fiery trials and keep that saint free from every harm?
He can and He does.

54.What is the realm in which many of our most difficult trials take place?

55.Read Revelation 3:11.

56.What may happen to a believer who allows himself to slip into foolishness and carelessness?
Some person may come along and with perceptiveness and persuasiveness rob the saint of his crown, his inheritance in the Lord.

57.What must be true of the saints who ride with Christ in the Day of the Lord?
They must be people of righteous conduct—true, faithful, patient, strong in the strength of the Lord.

58.What attainments are available to the believer today?
Ministry, authority and power in Christ, personal growth in the image of Christ, abiding in Christ.

59.What change of dominion must take place in us if we would be an overcomer?
We cannot reign with Christ until Christ reigns in us.

60.Read Revelation 3:12.

61.What has the saint achieved as soon as he is created a pillar in the eternal Temple of God?
Once this goal has been attained the believer’s destiny has been established for eternity. "He shall go no more out."

62.What is the eternal Temple of God?
The Church, the Body of Christ, the new Jerusalem, the Wife of the Lamb.

63.Read Ephesians 2:21,22.

64.What is God making of each saint who will permit Him to do so?
"An habitation of God through the Spirit."

65.How important are pillars to the Temple of God?
If one pillar is damaged in any manner, or removed from its place, the household of God is thrown into disorder. The perfection, the strength, and the operation of the entire Temple of God are destroyed.

66.What is true of God’s "pillars"?
It is necessary that the "pillars" of God be created and placed with exceeding care.

67.How may the power of multiple presence operate in the life of the saint in the ages to come?
We "shall go no more out" but shall be able to minister through the Holy Spirit as Jesus does now.

68.What does the writing of the name of God on the conqueror signify?
As soon as God’s name has been written on him he is God’s personal possession for eternity. Wherever he goes throughout the creation he will be known as a person who belongs to and is a part of God.

69.Read John 17:23.

70.Into what Oneness are we being brought?
We are being made one in God—a part of the Fullness of His Being.

71.What does the writing of the name of the new Jerusalem on the conqueror signify?
The title, "Jerusalem" will be engraved permanently on the conqueror. This is because he is part of the structure of the new Jerusalem.

72.What is the new Jerusalem?
The new Jerusalem is the Bride of the Lamb. The new Jerusalem is a living city.

73.What are the adornments of the foundation of the wall of the new Jerusalem?
The virtues that have been formed in the saints through suffering, through intense heat and pressure, and through patiently waiting for the deliverance that comes only from the Lord.

74.Who will come to know that the Father has sent Christ and that the Father loves the saints as He loves Christ?
Earth’s peoples.

75.Read Isaiah 60:14; 61:6.

76.What takes place in our consciousness of Christ as we press forward in our Christian pilgrimage?
He grows.

77.What is the Church, the Body of Christ?
The universal expression of Christ.

78.What has been the purpose for the two thousand years of the Christian Era?
The magnifying of the death and resurrection of Christ in the members of His Body.

79.What does Christ finally become to us?
All that is worthwhile in the universe.

80.What is God’s intention?
That the whole creation become a reflection of the image and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that we all shall live and move and have our being in His will and Life.

81.What is the conqueror being created?
A part of Christ’s appearing, His forthshining. Christ is coming not only with us but also in us. In that Day we will resemble Christ, and yet be ourselves. Our personality will be in union with His in such a manner that we appear as Him and as ourselves—neither personalitybeing confused as to identity.

82.What is the one consummate experience that is reserved for the appearing of Christ?
The resurrection of our body.

83.What will our new body be?
A complement, a handmaid of the attributes of character being perfected in us now as we demonstrate our willingness (or unwillingness) to follow the Lord through the several arenas of conquest.

84.Read Revelation 3:13.

The Church in Laodicea