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The Church in Laodicea

1.What does the name Laodicea mean?
The rights of the people.

2.What is the church in Laodicea?
The church of the apostasy, of the worldwide revolt against authority of which Paul wrote.

3.What spirit is rapidly approaching maturity in the earth?
The revolt against authority.

4.What standard will be maintained as the supreme consideration to which all must take heed?
The "rights of the people."

5.How are today’s leaders careful to present their desire for domination?
As being something that benefits and liberates mankind.

6.How will Antichrist present himself?
As the benefactor "of the people," as the leader who will guide them to the fulfillment of their desires and aspirations.

7.What will Antichrist do as soon as he has spread his lie successfully?
He then will take his seat in the Temple of God and declare himself to be God.

8.What is true of the mass of mankind today?
Men and women are becoming lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. There is no fear of God before their eyes. All authority is shown to be evil in that it prevents people from following their desires.

9.Read II Timothy 3:1-4.

10.How will Antichrist treat the Spirit-less Christian churches?
They will be tolerated by Antichrist.

11.Where will the conqueror be during this period?
Hidden away in the wilderness areas of earth and nourished by the Lord until His glorious appearing.

12.Read Revelation 3:14.

13.How does Christ appear to Laodicea?
As the "Amen."

14.What does the "Amen" signify?
The One who steadfastly maintains the promises of God.

15.What will be the great hope and doctrine of the Laodicean churches?
That God’s Word can be changed; that Christ can be brought down to the level of frail humans.

16.What must the conqueror during the reign of Antichrist have established in his personality for eternity?
Christ never, never changes.

17.What is true of each conqueror if Christ is not the faithful and true witness of God?
The conquerors are so dependent on the unchanging faithfulness of Christ that were He to fail their entire existence would become meaningless, fail, and disintegrate into nothingness.

18.What is true of each conqueror if Christ is the faithful and true witness?
If Christ indeed is the faithful and true witness of God, then the conqueror—of all the people of the earth—is pursuing the most meaningful, the most successful, the most sensible, the most rewarding life possible.

19.What is the meaning of the expression the beginning of the creation of God?
Christ is the Beginning of the spiritual and physical creations, the Beginning of the Kingdom of God, the Beginning of everything.

20.What will occupy the thinking of the church in Laodicea?
How marvelous people are.

21.Why will the church in Laodicea be the greatest idolater of all time?
It will worship and adore the creature rather than the Creator.

22.What occupies the thinking of the conqueror?
How marvelous Jesus is.

23.Do we see the spirit of Laodicea today? Do we see the spirit of Laodicea today?
The hideous flowering of it is appearing on every side.

24.What is one way to destroy a Christian?
To appeal to his sense of morality and good works and pretend to admire them, and then to gently and slyly move the Christian away from his state of separation to Christ and his fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

25.What happens to Christians when they are persecuted?
They become strong in the Lord.

26.What is the tactic that Satan will employ successfully in the end-time? What is the tactic that Satan will employ successfully in the end-time?
To tempt believers with the appetites of the flesh, while at the same time reasoning with them concerning how wonderful people are and how the welfare of human beings ought to be the primary concern of God and of the churches.

27.Why did the Lord Jesus warn the elect repeatedly concerning deception?
Because God’s people are like children in that they easily are led astray.

28.How is the Gospel of Christ being presented today, in many instances?
As a positive force that helps people lead a better life, have a stronger marriage, obtain physical and emotional health, and become prosperous in material wealth.

29.What is missing from the "positive" gospel?
The understanding that the "better" life is one of repentance, of cross-carrying obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ; although such a life is not "better" according to human understanding.

30.Is Christ to be a means by which we obtain what we desire?

31.What are the words of Christ to the conqueror?
The call of the Bridegroom to the Bride.

32.What is the Father seeking?
To enlarge the one true Vine.

33.Read Hebrews 12:5-6.

34.What part of the Scriptures will the Laodiceans embrace?
The part of the Gospel that appeals to their betterment and comfort.

35.What part of the Scriptures will the Laodiceans reject?
They will reject the part of the Gospel that deals with self-sacrifice and endurance throughout trials.

36.Will the Laodicean believer participate in the first resurrection? Will the Laodicean "believer" participate in the first resurrection?

37.Why is the church in Laodicea nauseating to Christ?
It is the desire of Christ that we either reject Him vigorously or accept Him wholeheartedly. To attempt to use Christ for our betterment while we keep our heart closed against Him is nauseating to Him. The Christian salvation is not to be preached as a means of helping people lead a better life but as a means of escaping the wrath to come.

38.What does Christ do to that type of church? What does Christ do to that type of church?
He will spit it from His mouth.

39.Where are the bodies of the Laodicean believers on Sunday morning?
In church.

40.Where are the hearts of the Laodicean believers on Sunday morning?
Far from God.

41.Where does Christ hold the church in Laodicea?
In His mouth along with the sharp two-edged sword.

42.How does Christ regard the "rights of the people?
It is not a "food" He will swallow.

43.Why is the church in Laodicea increased with goods?
It is supported by Antichrist.

44.Of what value are elaborate church buildings?
The value of wood, hay, and straw.

45.What "church building" is of concern to God the Father?
The heart of the saint.

46.Why is the Laodicean believer wretched?
Because he is without Christ and without hope and is ignorant of this fact.

47.Why is the Laodicean believer "miserable"?
He is "miserable" because he is in bondage to the god of this world.

48.Do worldly people have peace and joy in their hearts?

49.What is true of the person who does not have Christ in his heart?
He is nervous, anxious, irritable, possessing no abiding contentment, often exhibiting malice and wickedness. His life is vapid, a delusion. Worldly people sometimes come to realize this. Truly, the way of the transgressor is hard.

50.Why is the Laodicean believer "poor"?
He does not possess the riches of the Kingdom of God.

51.What does the conqueror possess?
All things.

52.Why is the Laodicean believer "blind"?
Because he does not possess the light of Christ.

53.What will happen to the Laodicean believer in the Day of the Lord?
He will be caught off guard by the appearing of Christ and will be cast into outer darkness, because he did not know the hour of the Lord’s appearing. He will be caught by surprise because he is abiding in darkness. He is a child of darkness and will be assigned to eternal darkness.

54.Why is the Laodicean believer "naked?
He is naked because he does not have the Presence and power of Christ with which to clothe himself. When the Lord Jesus comes the Laodicean will attempt to hide, as did Adam and Eve, because he is spiritually naked. He will run from the light of Christ because of the shame of his nakedness.

55.How is the conqueror clothed?
He is arrayed handsomely in the righteous deeds that have been created in him through means of the virtue of Christ—virtue that has been given to him as he has sought the Lord earnestly. He runs to the light so his deeds may be revealed clearly that they have been performed in God.

56.Read Revelation 3:18.

57.Why will the Laodicean believer have many opportunities to buy from Christ "gold tried in the fire"?
As soon as he begins to oppose Antichrist he will suffer economic deprivation. The comforts of life will be denied him and he will be threatened as to his welfare and the welfare of his loved ones. His faith in the Word of God will be put to the test. He will be required to flee into the wilderness with the true people of the Lord and learn to live by faith. His faith— his "gold"—shall be tested, tested, tested in the fires of temptation, persecution, and tribulation! When his faith has been purified by fire it will be worth infinitely more than all the gold that can be given him by Antichrist.

58.What is the "white raiment" that the Laodicean believer is counseled to buy from Christ?
The grace and virtue of Christ so he can conduct himself in righteousness, in holiness, and in obedience to God.

59.What is true of us when we "see" (understand and get along well) in the present world?
When we "see" by the light of this present world we are blind to the Kingdom of God. When the Holy Spirit anoints our eyesight we become "blind" to the philosophies, values, and aspirations of the world and we begin to behold the Glory of God in Christ.

60.Why must the saint in these days fill his mind with the things of Christ?
The Spirit of God and the world spirit are on courses so separate, so divergent, so opposed to each other that we either are understanding the world and compromising the written Word of God or we are seeing and hearing the Spirit of God and are largely ignoring the world while it pursues its path to certain judgment and destruction.

61.What must we guard carefully today?
Our mind.

62.Read Revelation 3:19.

63.What does Christ do to each person He loves?
He rebukes and chastens him or her.

64.What should we do when the Lord rebukes and chastens us?
When we are chastened we are to "repent," that is, we are to turn and walk in the direction toward which the Spirit is leading us. Each of us who starts on the pathway of redemption has numerous lessons to learn, many experiences to encounter, a whole host of blessings to receive. We rejoice because Christ’s grace is sufficient for every situation.

65.Why does the Lord chasten us?
The Lord chastens us so we may partake of His holiness.

66.Read Revelation 3:20.

67.What awesome power does each individual possess?
The power to keep the door of his personality closed for eternity, or to open it to Christ.

68.What is the greatest opportunity ever given to a human being?
To be able to allow Christ to enter him and become one with him.

69.Will Jesus ever force His way into our life?

70.What takes place when Christ enters us?
If we receive the Lord, He dines with us, and we with Him. It is a love feast, a banquet all the day. In the middle of the night there is a feast, as Paul and Silas demonstrated while confined in the inner cell of the jail in Philippi. Christ spreads a sumptuous table for us in the Presence of our enemies. The food we eat is the flesh of Christ. The life we drink is the blood of Christ.

71.What happens to us if we keep our heart’s door closed against Christ?
We deprive ourselves of everything of value in the universe.

72.What happens to us if we open our heart’s door to Christ?
Our destiny is fulfilled to perfection and we enter an inheritance so marvelous that we cannot conceive of the smallest fraction of it.

73.Read Revelation 3:21.

74.Who is lifted to the supreme throne?
He who overcomes.

75.What is true of the throne of Christ?
The throne of Christ is the throne of the universe. There is no other throne as elevated, as complete in authority and power. When we behold the throne of Christ in the heavenlies we will be reduced to nothing. That throne is so exalted, so vast, so holy, so powerful, that all the mass and energy of the present universe is seen to be but one speck of dust. In the spiritual fulfilment of the Old Testament feast of Tabernacles, the throne of almighty God is being formed in the heart of the believer. If we succeed in living the victorious Christian life we will be permitted to sit with Christ on the throne of our own heart. But first, Christ must become the undisputed King of our personality.

76.Why is it true that the least person in the Kingdom of God is greater than John the Baptist?
Because of the formation of Christ, the Day Star, in him.

77.Where does the Bride of the Lamb come from?
The Bride is not of the earth but is of Heaven, having been created from the body and blood of Christ; and will come down from Heaven to rule eternally on the new earth.

78.Who is creating the Bride of the Lamb?
The Lord God of Heaven.

79.Read Colossians 3:3-5.

80.What will be true of each conqueror when Christ appears?
Each conqueror will be an inseparable part of Christ’s appearing.

81.How are we able to overcome the world, Satan, and our fleshly desires and self-will?
Through the grace Christ gives us we will conquer our sinful nature, we will conquer Satan, we will conquer the spirit of the world.

82.What is true of us when we have overcome the world, Satan, and our fleshly desires and self-will?
We have arrived at the first resurrection and are seated forever with Christ in His throne.

83.Read Revelation 3:22.

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