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Bible Promises


Chapter 1
Promises of Temporal Blessings

1. General Promises
2. Temporal Blessings"
3. Food & Raiment"
4. Long Life & Health
5. Safety
6. Promises of Peace
7. Direction
8. Honour
9. Success & Prosperity
10. Plenty & Riches
11. Of Children
12. A Blessing Upon All
13. A Blessing on Children
14. A Blessing on Families

Chapter 2
Promises Relating to the Troubles of Life

1. In general
Preservation from trouble
Deliverance from trouble
Support in trouble

2. Promises relating to sickness, old age, etc.
Deliverance from sickness
Support in sickness
In old age

3. Deliverance from famine and want
4. Deliverance from war and enemies
From war
From enemies

5. From oppression and injustice
6. From slander and reproach

7. From witchcraft
8. Promises to the stranger and exile
9. To the poor and helpless
10. To the fatherless and widow
11. To the childless
12. To the prisoner and captive
13. Deliverance from death

Chapter 3
Promises of Spiritual Blessings in This Life

1.In general
2. Of justification, pardon, and reconciliation
Pardon of sin
Of the most heinous sins
Of all sins
Of backsliding
Pardon through Christ
3. Adoption
4. Union and communion with the church
5. Free access to God, with acceptance
6. Of hearing prayer
7. Sanctifying grace in general
8. Of converting grace
The grace of repentance
The grace of faith
Grace to fear God

9. Knowledge, wisdom, etc.
Divine teaching
Divine guidance
Ability for good discourse

10. The means of grace
A blessing upon ordinances

11. Of grace against sin and temptation
To mortify sin
Against temptation
From the enticement of sinners
Victory over the world
Victory over the devil

12. Strength, courage, and resolution
13. Fruitfulness and increase of grace
In old age-
Increase of grace
The grace of meekness

14. Grace to persevere
15. Sanctified afflictions
16. Grace to the children of Israel

17. An interest in God
As our God
Our portion
Our glory
His presence with us
His love
His mercy
His help
His care
His covenant with his people
God will not forsake them

18. An interest in Christ
All grace from Christ
Redemption by Christ
Life from Him
His intercession
His love.
His care of his church
His presence with his people

19. Promises of the Spirit
His teaching
Help in prayer
To witness our adoption
To seal our redemption
To be our comforter
The joys of the Holy Ghost

20. The ministry of angels
21. That we shall be kings and priests unto God

22. Peace of conscience, comfort, and hope
Peace of conscience
23. Delight and joy in God
24. Support in death

Chapter 4
Promises of Blessings in the Future World

1. Deliverance from hell
2. Happiness immediately after death
3. A glorious resurrection
4. Everlasting happiness in heaven
Freedom from all sorrow in heaven
Joy in heaven
Glory in heaven
The kingdom of heaven
The heavenly inheritance
Enjoyment of God
Eternal life-

PART TWO Bible Promises