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What Are You Groaning For

What Are You Groaning For?

And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body. (Romans 8:23)

Are you groaning in the pains of childbirth, waiting for your adoption as a son of God, the redemption of your body? What? You aren't? Are you trying to be unscriptural?

Begin groaning immediately. When your friends ask you what you are groaning for, tell them you are groaning for your adoption as a son of God, for your body to be redeemed.

They then will tell you you are crazy.

Tell them you are not crazy, you are trying to be like the Apostle Paul. You are overcoming the accuser by the word of your testimony.

I am engaging in this bit of persiflage to focus your attention on the redemption of the body. The redemption of the body is a part of salvation.

To be a son of God you must first be born of woman. (This probably is why there is so much emphasis on abortion and homosexual activity—to prevent the birth of children of God.)

To be a son of God you must be born again of the Spirit of God. To be born of woman is to be born in the environment of water. To be born of the Spirit is to be born in the environment of the Spirit.

To be a son of God you must be born of the resurrection from the dead, your body must be redeemed.

Now that's something to groan about.

I wish to impress two things on you. Okay?

I wish to impress on you the importance of focusing on the redemption of your body as being part of your salvation.

I wish to impress on you the importance of living in such a manner that you do not lose the resurrection that already has begun in you.

Did you get these two things? I hope so for they are of the greatest importance for you as a Christian to understand.

When Adam and Eve sinned against God they died spiritually. This means they were separated from fellowship with God.

If they then had eaten of the Tree of Life they would have gained immortality in the body. They would have been immortal sinners incapable of being redeemed, like an angel.

God in His love kept them away from the Tree of Life so their body eventually would return to the dust. God did this in the hope that one day they could be redeemed in their inward nature and finally redeemed in body.

When we received the Lord Jesus Christ the blood of Jesus was sprinkled on us. Then the Holy Spirit came upon the blood. At the same time Christ was born in us. Now we have eternal resurrection life in our inward nature. Our inward nature has been born again and has ascended with Christ to sit at the right hand of the Father in anticipation of the day of resurrection.

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