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The Trinity Delusion 2

The Trinity Delusion 2

The Bible tells us that word of God comes from God.

As in, it comes from His mouth and is sent out to do His will. With that said, what it doesn't say however, is that Jesus is equal-to or God Himself anywhere.

The Trinity Delusion

20 Oct 2019

Pin.pngJohn the Baptist Prepared the Way for God

John the Baptist went before Yahweh God Most High. He prepared the way for the God of Israel, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God the Father spoke His words through Jesus and He did his mighty works through Jesus. In this way, God the Father who is light shone His light through the man of flesh Jesus. He was the true light coming into the world. He was in the world but the world did not know Him. He came to His own people, Israel, a people of His own possession, but His own did not receive Him. John the Baptist prepared the way for the Father; he testified to the true light coming into the world.

The Trinity Delusion

13 Oct 2019

Pin.pngImpossibility of a Triune God for the Church

The God of the Body of Christ is necessarily equivalent to Jesus Christ's God and his God was not a Trinity.

The Trinity Delusion

12 Oct 2019

Pin.pngA Trinity is impossible in the Shema

The Shema necessarily refers to Jesus Christ's God, the God of the Israelite Jesus, the God of Jesus of Nazareth King of the Israel. It is absolutely impossible for the Shema command to refer to anyone else but Jesus Christ's God, the Father alone. The life and testimony of Jesus made sure of that fact.

The Trinity Delusion

10 Oct 2019

Pin.pngJohn 8:58 Explained in Detail

Jesus' sheep hear him. Do you?

The Trinity Delusion

9 Oct 2019

Pin.pngHow Trinity Idolators Testify Against Themselves

Trinitarians readily deny they are begotten of God for the sake of their idol. As Abraham begat Isaac, God begets His own children, the children of God. The Holy Spirit testifies with their spirit that they ARE the children of God. Those who have this witness in their hearts need no one to tell them who they are for they personally know their own Father, their Abba, Almighty God.

The Trinity Delusion

6 Oct 2019

Pin.pngInteresting Stuff about Jesus

Was your Jesus a pretender? What if it is YOUR Jesus who is "another Jesus"?

The Trinity Delusion

23 Jun 2018

Pin.pngGod Himself Denied the Trinity

Why do Trinitarians refuse to believe our God and Father? Why won't they believe him? When he says "no one else" it means "no one else but me." And there are several passages where the Father declares that He alone is God. And no one needs to assume the Father is speaking because the Scriptures specifically tell us who is speaking. Trinitarians never even bother to look and see because they are too busy conspiring in their minds how to rationalize their man-made idol. And so they deny the Living God our Father, the God of the Lord Jesus Christ. And besides, is there any God besides our Lord Jesus Christ's God? There is none!