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Incest & Demons

Incest & Demons

To Incest Survivors

If you are a victim of incest and are reading this then my heart goes out to you. I know you have been through a living hell. I have a deep, dear friend who is an incest survivor and her struggle to find the missing pieces of her life and put them back into order has been a strenuous ordeal. I know from her that the pain you have and will experience is more than most people can handle. I bless you in the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. What I am going to say in this section is a hard thing. It is hard for me because it will target me for more ridicule then I have already received. It will be hard for you for it is another problem that you may or may not have exposed at this moment. Lets continue now.

Who Is To Blame?

As a child or teen in your house God placed people over you to care for you and protect you. If you are a victim of incest then the social order which God set up broke down. It was not God's fault for this break down. Somewhere along the way someone rebelled against the most high God and started to serve Satan. In doing so they exposed every one under them to their sin. In most cases it is the Father who does not submit unto God and commits the acts. Or the Father is passive and does not give proper protection to the children in his family and thus exposes them to people who desire to hurt them. In any event God is not to blame.

The persons who are in charge of your care and those who committed the acts are the ones that blame falls upon. God will mete out His due judgment on these individuals. This is certain. His timing is perfect and they will receive their due in due time. Their suffering will be eternal in the Lake of Eternal Fire. The Fire will consume them forever as they never die but exist in total agony. Wait on God for His Justice. God will not be slack in punishing those who committed these atrocities. The blame lays squarely on those that committed the sinful acts of abuse and those who pushed them to do so (demons).

Demons and Incest Survivors

When incest is allowed to occur by the head of the family a problem in the spiritual realm is opened. God placed the father (or if the father is absent the mother) in the position as the Spiritual Head of the Family. Satan cannot directly access the children of the family. The Head of the family is in essence an Umbrella of Protection against demonic assault.   In order for Satan to access the children He has to have permission from the Family Head. Thus the Umbrella must be removed from those underneath it. If a child rebels then in essence the child is stepping out from underneath the umbrella and is thus exposing him/herself to the rain/Satanic attacks. 

When  incest is allowed to occur then in essence the umbrella of protection is being removed and Satan is allowed to enter, afflict, & affect the children. Incest is in essence a demonic doorway. 

Due to the open doorway demons associated with the offender are allowed to enter the child. They take up residence in different parts of the person. Usually they harbor themselves into the emotions and mind of the person. Some will take residence in the body. Wherever they reside they stay to strengthen their position and entrench themselves to prevent easy removal. They also seek to further their influence and cause the child to become involved in further sin. 

The main goal of every demon is to entrench themselves into a host. Once this is accomplished their main desire is to keep the person from receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. They due this mainly through deception.  They speak lies into the mind of the victim and convince them that the lies are truth and that the truth is a lie. In doing so they further entrench themselves and create for themselves a kingdom in which to rule from. Unfortunately demons who enter because of Incest cannot be easily removed as with those associated with other sins. Why? This is in part due to the nature of incest and its' effects. Lets look at this now.   Incest and MPD / DID'

The trauma experienced with the incestuous act is usually to much for the child to bare. The child cannot exist and go through the act. This is especially true for small children. The defensive mechanism for most children is to split off a portion of their personality and allow that portion which is shielded from the main personality to experience the incestuous act. From the time of the splitting onward the person will "switch" into the alter-personality when that person is required to experience the incest again. This  is well documented in the medical journals and has been labeled "Multiple Personality Disorder" or "MPD" & "Disassociate Identity Disorder" or "DID". 

A person can have one to two alters or possibly in upward to a hundred or more alters. These are not demons but actually a unique, distinct person formed off of the main person's personality. All of the memories, pain, and rejection experienced due to the betrayal and incest is thus contained or held by the "alter/personality" created to deal with the act. This repressed "feelings" become the very thing that the demons feed off of and use to strengthen their position. 

The problem with deliverance of those with MPD / DID is that the demons can hide behind the personalities thus using them as shields. They also can pretend to be personalities. Without the guidance of the Holy Spirit it is impossible to successfully deliver someone with MPD/DID. The deliverance will most likely take a year or more  to complete if the victim is dedicated and willing to face it. I am currently involved in the deliverance of one who was exposed to years of satanic ritualistic abuse and Incest. 

Any deliverance minister who attempts to work with someone who suffers from MPD/DID is going to fail without addressing the emotional aspect that has to be dealt with.  I highly recommend that if you are working with someone who is an Incest Survivor or a SRA Survivor you should go to a friends website and order her book. Its' 20 dollars and highly worth the cost. The web address is http://www.hispresenceonline.org/

When someone has MPD/DID undermost circumstances there is going to be multi-layered demonization of the victim. The demons will hide behind each personality. Demonic spirits will also try to pass themselves off as personalities with the hope of deceiving the counselor and the abuse survivor.

You may encounter personalities of different ages, sexes, even animals. You may encounter personalities who think they are demons. Do not presume or assume anything. Test each one as to their feelings towards Jesus Christ and Satan. Probe each and minister in love. Without the victim's trust and  you will not bring her/him to deliverance.

I have found that it is possible to have personalities who create personalities under them. The longer they have been created the greater the chance that this is occurring.  Map out the personalities and their "family" tree to determine position, age, rank, and purpose. This will also help you in discerning demons from personalities. The process of deliverance is a long arduous process. Each repressed memory is a stronghold that must be removed. Removal occurs by remembering the memories of abuse.

Demons will attempt to keep the memories from taking place. When they do they have to be prevent and removed if necessary. Once the memories take place then Jesus will come and heal and comfort the personality who suffered the abuse. Then the person must be willing to forgive the abusers. If any demons are still present because of the memory that was exposed then they are to be removed. The Key is dependence upon Jesus to do the work. As the counselor/minister you are there to comfort and act as an advocate for the survivor.

The work is the Lord's. ' There are no quick fixes in this type of ministry.

The victories are daily with each new day that dawns. God gives special grace to those who are survivors. His love for them is expressed and shown in ways that most of us won't realize until we are with Jesus in Heaven. Working with those who are survivors is an arduous and dangerous field. They are Trophies of God's Grace. They were once used in Satan's kingdom for distribution of power demons to his followers. If they are delivered and freed then they are living examples of the Power of Jesus Christ over the enemy.

You will be making a long term commitment once you begin the process. It is better for the victim for you to not begin than to begin and quit because you don't see instant results. The most important person of any deliverance is the one being delivered.  If God leads you to assist someone who has gone through the abuse that they have experienced then May you be richly blessed for your self sacrifice by our Lord Jesus Christ.