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Fossils and Strata

There is no evidence of evolutionary change to be found in the rock strata. This is one of the evolutionists' most guarded secrets. Read this report and learn the truth. Evolutionary theory is a myth. God created everything; the evidence clearly points to it. Nothing else can explain the mountain of evidence. This is science vs. evolution-a Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia , brought to you by Creation Science Facts.

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Fossils and Strata - 1

Time to Tell the Truth - It is time to expose the fossil and strata hoax - Some facts you should know - Literally millions of fossils have been found and identified-yet all are distinct species - The circular reasoning used to date the rocks by the fossils and the fossils by the rocks-and all of it by a theory

Fossils and Strata - 2

19 Basic Problems - Here are the facts in the rocks which destroy evolutionary theory

Fossils and Strata - 3

Coal - Where did coal come from?
5 Problems with the Strata - Fundamental problems which destroy the evolutionary theory about the rock strata. Summary of the Strata Problems - Here are 13 reasons why the evolutionary strata theory is worthless


Forward to the next major topic in this series: Ancient Man - Evidence showing that humans did not evolve from apes or descend from anything else.