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Deliverance Questions & Answers

Deliverance Questions & Answers

1. Who should be involved in ministering deliverance?

Every believer can be involved in self-deliverance, and also every believer should come to a place where he knows how to pray for others if called upon. Not all will major in this ministry. There will be particular people whom the Lord will raise up and equip to specialise. It is to be anticipated that those who are ministry gifts to the Body, especially evangelists, will move in this realm. Praying for others is not a realm for the immature or novice. We must first know how our enemy operates and how to keep ourselves in the midst of warfare. To be uninformed is to be vulnerable.'

2. Should deliverance be ministered privately or publicly?

Jesus set people free in both public and private places. We have to be willing to deal with the need where and when it occurs. Some people are afraid to have unusual things happening in their services, that break into the years of  "respectable tradition." Let us be open to the Holy Spirit and learn to flow with what He desires to do -whether it be in public or private.Many people request private counsel. This is helpful when the person has deep needs he wishes to share. There are many needs, however, that can be met in a public meeting.\r\rIf there are individuals who, through demonic manifestations, regularly distract the flow of meetings (such as the Sunday worship service), then it is good to take them aside and deal with them privately.'

3. What place do public deliverance meetings have?

They have a very important place. The preaching of the Word should not be separated from signs (healing and deliverance) following:And Philip went down to the city if Samaria and began proclaiming Christ to them. And the multitudes with one accord were giving attention to what was said by Philip, as they heard and saw the signs which he was performing. For in the case of many who had unclean spirits, they were coming out f them shouting with a loud voice; and many who had been paralysed and lame were healed. - Acts 8:5-7 The needs of people within and without the church are so great they cannot be met by a pastor here or a counsellor there. By gathering people in need together for special services, the Word can be preached, instruction given, and faith released. In an atmosphere like this, great things can happen as the Lord Jesus moves in confirming signs.

4. Should I pray for deliverance for people of the opposite sex?

Under normal circumstances, this is not advisable. It is preferable for men to pray for men, and women for women. When it is not possible, it is important that you have with you another counsellor of the same sex as the counselee. I always try to have a woman counsellor with me when praying for women. No suspicion must be given by unwise actions. By having a witness, the counsellor is protected from any false accusations of improper conduct. We must be a step ahead of Satan who will try to do anything he can to hinder a legitimate ministry. If a man is praying alone for a woman and demons are manifesting with loud cries, it may be hard to convince a bypasser, who does not understand this realm, that everything is in order. Be wise.'

5. Do you recommend counselling teams?

Certainly, provided the teams have good counsellors.In a private counselling time, I personally would not want more than five people praying for one person. If others were involved, I would have them interceding in a nearby location with communication kept between the two groups. It can be overwhelming for the counselee if too many counsellors are involved. I normally work with only one other counsellor. A counselling team provides opportunity for new workers to gain experience by working alongside seasoned counsellors. A husband and wife team can be very effective.

6. Should you attempt to minister deliverance to someone who doesn’t want you to?

You cannot force yourself on people no matter how concerned you may feel for them. Before a believer can begin to receive deliverance, he must consent to it. Some people are frightened or unwilling to acknowledge that they need help. In these cases, it is best to wait until they become really desperate and open to receive ministry. In the meantime, you can in your own prayer times take authority over the spirits that are hindering their right responses and intercede for them as the Holy Spirit directs you.Occasionally a counselee will rise up and spirits will speak through him saying things such as: "I'm getting out of here." "You're not going to pray for me again." "I hate you."Leave me alone." When these demonic manifestations occur, you need to recognise them as such and firmly tell the person not to consent to the manifestations, but to co-operate with you as you command the spirits to go.

7. Can I pray for someone's deliverance when separated by distance?

Yes, you can pray for a person to be set free although he is in another location. Distance is no barrier to the Holy Spirit. Do we not pray for our missionary friends and believe God to honour our prayers, even though they may be far away?The keys when praying for someone are that you are led by the Holy Spirit and that you release faith as you pray.

8. Can an unconverted person be set free?

Generally speaking a person needs to come to Jesus as Saviour and Lord before deliverance can be received.Unbelievers may sometimes receive a measure of deliverance as a sign to them of God's love and power. Many will then turn and give their lives to Christ.In Acts 28:7-9 we read of Paul ministering to unbelievers when he was shipwrecked on Malta. Publius, the leading man of the island, had given hospitality to Paul and those with him. When Paul learned that Publius' father was very sick, he prayed and laid his hands on him, and he was healed. The news spread and the rest of the people on the island who were sick also came to Paul to be healed.To minister to unbelievers in this way is a glorious opportunity to witness to the reality and power of Jesus Christ; to say that what happens when you pray is happening because Jesus is touching them; and to encourage them to open their hearts to Him. However, there is no guarantee that what God does for them will remain if they afterwards choose to reject His way.

9. Is it right to converse with demons and ask them their names?

With the exception of occasionally asking a spirit its name, we should stay away from conversations with demons. I say this for two reasons: rst, because evil spirits are wicked beings that cannot be trusted. They will lie and deceive you. Even when asked their names, they may or may not tell the truth. There is a story which goes: ounsellor: "Evil spirit, what is your name?"Spirit: "I'm a lying spirit."Counsellor: "Are you telling the truth? Identifying spirits can be helpful in getting them out. When revealed by name, there is a weakening of their hold. However, there is only one recorded incident in the Bible in which a spirit was asked its name. The reply was "Legion" (Mark 5:9) which was more a statement of how many demons there were, rather than a declaration of what kind they were. We should approach the matter of asking demons their names with caution. I do it myself only on rare occasions, preferring to rely on discernment from the Holy Spirit.When spirits are asked their names, sometimes they answer through the person's mouth (some will lie), and sometimes there is no response. When there is no response, it may be that the person is so resisting the spirits, that they cannot find expression through his lips. You could try asking the person to say what is being said in his mind. He may say that he hears the word "self-hate" repeating itself. Name this area and command release.The second reason why it is not good to converse with evil spirits, is that it comes very close to the practice of a medium, which is communicating with evil spirits. This practice is forbidden in Scripture. Deuteronomy 18:10-12.Christians do not need to consult evil spirits to get information. The Holy Spirit is our source. Through the gifts of discernings of spirits and the word of knowledge, the Holy Spirit can tell us the names of spirits and anything else we need to know about the area of bondage.

10. Is there a distinction between the works of the flesh and the works of demons?

Although the two are closely linked, there is a difference. Galatians 5:19-21 gives a list of works of the flesh which include immorality, sensuality, sorcery, jealousy, outbursts of anger, drunkenness, and so on. These are deeds that proceed from those areas of man’s nature which are not under the control of the Holy Spirit. If we constantly give ourselves to works of the flesh, we open ourselves to demonic infiltration in the areas we yield to. For example, a person who regularly gives place to immorality will open himself to spirits of immorality. The bondage area may begin in the flesh, but then be strengthened by the entrance of evil spirits

11. Is there a relationship between the;healing of memories; and deliverance?

Yes, there is. The healing of memories; is the bringing of deliverance to people in a low-key way Many who minister healing of memories or inner healing; would not realise that they are actually ministering deliverance from demons; yet this is what is happening. Inner healing is certainly taking place; for inner healing, or harmony, comes when demons are cast out.Because healing of memories is not a scriptural term, I personally do not use it

12. When a spirit is cast out, is there a danger that it may enter someone else nearby?

Yes, there is a possibility, and for this reason I always claim protection upon others who may be nearby. If praying for someone in their own home, I claim protection upon every family member. Faith overcomes fear. We must see our victory and the enemy's defeat The spirits are the ones who are afraid and on the run; not ourselves. We are to be bold and fearless in Christ. Because of my personal faith in Christ’s power to keep and deliver, I never fear babies or children being present even in public deliverance meetings. I welcome their presence knowing that they will be blessed, rather than harmed, in a gathering where the Holy Spirit is moving in power. It all hinges on our faith.On the other hand, a person who is closed to the Holy Spirits ministry and expressing disdain and mockery at people being delivered could become a target for spirits that have just left others.

13. If a person exercises spiritual gifts, does that mean he is completely free of all bondage?

Certainly not. God does not wait until we are free from all bondage before He works through us. A person, for example, may have a healing ministry with gifts of healings operating through him, and yet have areas of his life that still need to be cleansed. The operation of a spiritual gift in great power is not necessarily an indication of a life totally free from all bondage.

14. Is there a need for homes or buildings to be cleansed?

As spirits can linger in homes, or around or in objects with which they have been associated, there often needs to be a cleansing. It is not difficult to cleanse a home. The believing occupants should come together and consciously yield the home or property to the Lord, bind the workings of evil spirits in Jesus name, and then declare the dwelling sanctified because of the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. When I do this, I go from room to room declaring cleansing in Jesus name You may even desire to walk into the grounds and declare that the dwelling and land are the Lords property. When moving into a new home, if we feel it necessary, the first thing Shirley and I do is cleanse it. We certainly always dedicate it to God. A friend of mine was pasturing a church that began renting a former picture theatre for their services. In the theatre there was such a coldness in the atmosphere that people commented on it. The elders, on considering it, became aware of a demonic presence. They fasted and then went through the building claiming release. My friend was absent at the time, but on returning walked alone through the building and sensed the cleansing was not complete. Nice he walked into the mens washrooms and twice the hair on the back of his neck stood on end. The Lord revealed to him the presence of spirits of homosexuality which he then commanded to leave in Jesus name. He continued to rebuke until he felt the building cleansed. The following Sunday, the people, without knowing what the elders had done, commented on the warmth in the building and how the coldness had gone. The power of Satan had been broken.

15. Can everyone minister self-deliverance?

The majority of believers can, but there are always some who lack the strength of character or who have some lack mentally, and are themselves unable to rise up. Others need to take the initiative to minister to those who are "genuinely" weak. Through experience we have discovered that some believers initially need help from others to get underway, even though they understand the principles of self-deliverance. The counsellor must discern when the person can carry on himself and no longer needs to lean on others.There can be times when a person who has successfully ministered much self-deliverance, comes to a place where he needs help from someone else for a short period.

16. Can children practice self-deliverance?

Most certainly children can practice self-deliverance. I know children of varying ages who are able to co-operate with the Lord and bring themselves deliverance.With younger children, it should be the parents who take the responsibility to minister to them. As they become older, they can be more independent. Don't underestimate the capacity of children in spiritual understanding. They often grasp spiritual principles more quickly than adults.

17. Should parents be present when a child is being counselled for deliverance?

Yes, if possible both parents should be with their child. In the New Testament, we read of parents bringing their children to Jesus (Mark 7:25-30; Matthew 17:14-21). Because parents have the responsibility under God for the instruction and nurturing of their children, it is important they are there.When I have parents present, I teach them how to pray for the child. Although I take the initiative and do most of the praying, I also encourage them to spend a time praying and so learn to minister by doing.

18. I don't feel victorious and I don't feel I have any authority to set myself free. What should I do?

The deciding issue is not what you feel like, but what God's Word declares. Identified with Christ, you share His victory and triumph over the enemy. Start thanking God by faith for the victory you have in Christ. Commence the principles of self-deliverance, regardless of how you feel.

19. I have tried to release myself, but nothing seems to happen.

Make sure the ingredient of "faith" is in operation. If as you come against strongholds, you believe that what you say is happening, there will be a measure of weakening and breaking-even if you don't feel it. Perhaps more perseverance is required before you will feel any changes. If, after some time (weeks or months), you are still perturbed, seek an understanding counsellor who can pray with you and release you into a place where things are obviously happening. Some people need encouragement to help them start the pathway to deliverance.

20. How will I know when I am completely free?

It is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit to bear witness to you of your complete freedom.Sometimes I confidently declare to a person that a certain area of bondage is completely broken; but I only do this if I know by the Spirit that it is so. Very often, even after a great deliverance, I tell the person that God has a further work to do in that same area. Untold damage is done when counsellors incorrectly tell people they are free.It is usually quite easy for a person to know if he has had at least a measure of deliverance. The reactions and stirrings will have gone and there will be a feeling of freedom. Some may not feel anything immediately, but will notice evidence of it in the coming days. Sometimes people get free, but do not realise it. With the problem gone, they easily forget about it. It is not until something reminds them of how they used to be, that they realise they are changed. How careful we should be not to forget what God has done for us and to give Him thanks.Often people "feel" they are completely free from a problem area, but discover months or even years later that more release is needed. It is not because they have been re-bound, but because the Holy Spirit is reaching down to root out further depths of satanic inroads in their lives. When a major deliverance takes place, remaining spirits in the family may lie low, not manifesting for fear of also being exposed and cast out. Although the person feels free, he often needs much more deliverance. I believe God allows us to enjoy measures of release before entering new battles, so that we are not having extended periods of heavy warfare without a break.Let us major on the Lord Jesus and constantly declare our completeness in Him. This will release His power to bring to light areas that need to be dealt with. Major on the faith confession that you are free; not on the hope confession that one day you will be free.