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Books of, are two books of the Bible that describe the history of the Jews from Adam to the 500's B.C.

The books focus on the monarchies of Israel and Judah, especially the reigns of King David (1 Chro. 10-29) and King Solomon (2 Chro. 1-9).

The events in the books parallel the accounts in the Biblical books from Genesis through Kings.

The author of Chronicles probably drew on those books for much material.

The books express the national and religious concerns of the period in which they were written.

This period followed the Babylonian Exile of the 500's B.C.

I Chronicles focuses on King David to reflect the hope that the community might be restored to the independence and glory it had in the days of David.

II Chronicles portrays King Solomon as the builder of the original Temple in Jerusalem to emphasize the importance of the Temple rebuilt there.

The rebuilt Temple represented community life and the continued presence of God in His sanctuary in Jerusalem.