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Christian Science Church

"The Church of Christ Science":

Christian Science, the "science of healing", is "Anti-Christian", "Anti-Science", with Hindu doctrine, and it is not a Church.

Founded, in 1875 in Massachusetts by Mary Baker Eddy.

1 million members, 3,000 churches, in 56 countries, 700,000 in the USA ..

Address: Mother Church , Boston , Massachusetts , USA .

It is influential, with the prestigious daily newspaper, "Christian Science Monitor", with a circulation of over 100,000. Also with the magazines Christian Science Sentinel, and Journal.

1 "Anti-Christian":

The Holy Scriptures are the books of Mrs. Eddy, "Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures", "Miscellaneous Writings", and "Manual of the Mother Church "... and the Bible.

The services look Christian, because the Bible is read, followed by the interpretation of each passage by Mrs. Eddy's writings.

However it is totally Anti-Christian:

"Jesus Christ" is not God, he was not the Christ, they say, but a man who displayed the "Christ" idea ("Christ" means perfection, not a person). He did not suffer and could not suffer for sins. He did not die on the cross, and he did not rise physically. He will not literally come back. The Virgin Birth was a spiritual idea...

The "Holy Spirit", is an impersonal power, defined as the teachings of Christian Science.

"God", is not the Christian God, but a "Hindu one": An impersonal Principle of life, truth, love, intelligence, and spirit. God is not divine person, but the "divine principle" of all that exists. the Trinity is pagan.

"Matter and Persons", are also a Hindu concept: Material world does not exist, spirit is the only reality. Physical world and human body are illusions. The body can not be ill, suffer pain, or die, because matter is an illusion...

"Salvation", is by recognizing that each person is as much a Son of God as Jesus is. There is no evil, no devil, no sin, no poverty, and no old age. A person is reincarnated until he learns these truths and becomes "perfect".

"Heaven and Hell", do not exist, they are only states of mind. Death is not real.

2 Anti-Science":

The term "science" is not indicative as uniting "science and religion". Far from it, as Christian Science repudiates the very basis of scientific thought, that is the universe is a physical, material fact of reality and subject to rules of natural law and mathematics.

"Anti-Healing" Church:

The claim of "physical healings" by the power of the mind attracts people... but they are either false, psychosomatic cures, or the work of Satan.

Members use Christian Science "practitioners",rejecting doctors, physicians, chiropractics, drugs, vitamins, nutrition, as well as immunizations...

... Consulting a physician breaks the First Commandment, teaches Mrs. Eddy... recently, Christian Science parents were found guilty of murder in the negligent death of their seven-year-old child in Sarasota , Florida .

Mrs. Eddy claims her healing ministry started after reading Matt.9:2 when she experienced a miraculous cure... but all her "healing doctrine" is rather Hindu: Healing comes from realizing one cannot be sick or hurt and that the body cannot be ill, suffer pain, or die (matter is an illusion)... the belief in Jesus Christ revealed to people their illusion of illness and thus cured them...

Mrs. Eddy was constantly challenged by the medical leaders to produce evidence of just one bona fide healing... she did not and could not!...

There are some cases of healing that deserve acknowledgement... and they are the work of Satan of 2Tes.2:9 and Exodus 7... in fact, apparent "supernatural healing" is a trademark of demonic cults, including Satanism and Spiritualism.

3 "It is not a Church":

No clergy, no congregations... only lecture Halls to read, and practice Hindu healing by "practitioners", in "services", under the cover of the Bible.

"Mrs. Eddy", divorced and remarried... and was not modest: She claimed to be the woman of Rev.12, infallible.. she died in 1910 almost in "solitary" in her birth place: Conrad , New Hampshire , USA .