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Gracious Lord, troubles and rumors of troubles fill us with dismay.

The voice of murmurings and discontent affrights our land.

Turbulence has banished our happy tranquility.

We tremble lest civil disasters should sadden our homes.

Arise to our help and save us, O our God.

Defeat the evil designs of ungodly men.

Give especial wisdom to those who guide our nation.

Make them firm to resist, intelligent to devise the needful remedy, and patient to endure. Allay all angry passion.

Calm all ruffled minds. Speak the word, and sweet calm shall then return.

Fill us with that righteousness which exalts a nation.

Grant that Your people may dwell in peaceable habitations, in sure dwellings, and in quiet resting places.

O God of peace, give us peace always by all means.