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A Blessing that Becomes a Curse

A Blessing that Becomes a Curse

There might be someone in your life – such as a now-deceased grandfather who belonged to the Freemasons – who supposed he was bringing God’s blessing upon his descendants.

Because he was seeking the supernatural outside of Jesus, however, his attempted blessing was actually inviting evil spirits to intervene in the lives of his descendants. Since it was a human who summoned them, it is understandable that the spirit world would require it to be a human – not God – who, as it were, terminates the contract.

Merely informing these spirits that the unpleasant effects of their actions are unwanted would change nothing. That would be like continuing to get drunk while telling the bartender you no longer want hangovers.

You would need to reject every aspect of the evil spirits’ influence, including anything from that source that you might like or regard as harmless. Moreover, the only way to make them obey your request for them to stop influencing you is if you do this in the power of Jesus.