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Becoming a Tree of Life

In the 47th chapter of the Book of Ezekiel we read of four levels of water: to the ankles, to the knees, to the waist, and waters to swim in. The water is the Spirit of God, which is coming from God’s Throne in our day. To the ankles is basic salvation. To the knees is learning to follow the Spirit of God. To the waist is the surrender of our will to God. Waters to swim in is life lived in the Fullness of God.

(2/17/2008) Many people in our day have been forgiven through the blood atonement. A smaller number have entered the Spirit of God to the point they speak in tongues and perhaps prophesy.

Now God is looking for those who will surrender their will to Him so He may have His unhindered way in them.

Waters to swim in has to do with our being filled with all the Fullness of God. It is written of the Lord Jesus that in Him dwells all the fullness of God. Our destiny also is to be filled with all the Fullness of God. But it is a strenuous battle as we seek to move past Pentecost and enter the rest of God, the place where God’s will is performed in every aspect of our life, and at all times, day and night.

There is vastly more of God to be had if we are willing to minimize our involvement in the security and pleasures of the world system; are willing to confess, denounce, and renounce the evil that dwells in us; and are willing to let go of our own plans and ambitions that God’s will in its entirety might be done in us.

In God’s House, which is the Lord Jesus Christ, there are many dwelling places. These dwelling places are not small cubicles. They are great palaces. Each one of us is a great palace in which the Fullness of God and Christ can dwell for eternity.

The Lamb knocks at the door of our personality. We open the door. The Lamb dines on our obedience and worship. We dine on His body and blood. In this manner we are married to the Lamb. The marriage of the Lamb is taking place now, as individual believers are willing to open the door of their heart and permit the King of Glory to enter.

Today is one of rare opportunity in the Kingdom of God. If we have been forgiven by trusting in the blood atonement made by Christ on the cross, and have yielded to the Holy Spirit, we are qualified now and competent to press forward to the Fullness of God. Paul wrote that we are to become strong in our inner man until we are filled with all the Fullness of God. All the Fullness of God! Think of it! All the Fullness of God!

But to what end are we to be filled with all the Fullness of God? So that we may give eternal life to other people—in particular to every person of the nations of the earth who will receive. This is the spiritual fulfillment of the last great feast of the Lord, the feast of Tabernacles.

We note in the 47th chapter of the Book of Ezekiel that after we are swimming in the waters of God’s Spirit we return to the bank of the river. Along the bank, on each side, there are trees of life. These trees are growing from the one Tree of Life, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Spirit and the Bride invite all who will to come and partake freely of the Spirit of God, the Spirit of eternal Life. God has not called us merely to teach our religious doctrines to mankind. God has called us to show forth in ourselves the light of righteousness and praise. When the people of the world see our light they will come. When they come we will not give them doctrine primarily, we will give them eternal life, flowing out from our personality.

But we cannot serve mankind as a tree of life until we have passed through the four levels of water.

We must turn away from finding our pleasure and security in the world system. We have to set ourselves to touch the media and entertainment lightly, and spend more time in prayer with the Lord and with Bible reading. We are to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. This is water to the ankles.

Then we must press forward until we are conscious that the Holy Spirit is pointing out the various areas of darkness that dwell in us. The lust, jealousy, rage, covetousness, arrogance, and all the rest of the motivations of our sinful nature must be confessed, as they are pointed out to us. We must denounce them as evil, renounce them vigorously, stating we want nothing more to do with them. Then we are to walk carefully before the Lord Jesus every minute of every day and night of the remainder of our life. This is water to the knees.

Then we must press forward until we overcome every enemy that would cause us to be discontent while we are waiting patiently in God’s will. Satan fell through discontent with his God-given position. We are to abide in Christ, waiting until He gives us the desires of our heart. “Godliness with contentment is great gain.” Your will, not mine, be done. This is waters to the waist.

We are to persevere with all our strength and determination in each of the three areas, until we are filled with all the Fullness of God, and God brings us back to the bank of the River, so to speak. Now we are ready to bring Divine Life to whoever is willing to receive it from us.

God was angry with us for a season, and we had to walk through dry places, even while we were struggling through the water. But then God brings us into rest. God wounds us, and then God heals us.

God is raising up mighty men and women of God today from all parts of His Church. The invitation includes you. Tell God you want His best, and you are willing to give up everything He asks for, so you may receive His best.

You are not seeking God’s best so you can be some great one in the Kingdom of God. You are seeking God’s best so you humbly can serve mankind with eternal life. The people of the nations are dead and do not know it. But God loves them and wants to save everyone who will receive His salvation.

Don’t stop for anything. Don’t quit. If you keep doing God’s will faithfully, His mighty warrior-angels will hold Satan at bay. You will overcome and succeed if you do not quit.

You shall be filled with all the Fullness of God!

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