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Satanic Ritualistic Abuse

Satanic ritualistic abuse or otherwise known as "SRA" has been brought into the spot light in the last 20 years. The secular press has all but ignored it for the most part. When they do cover this tragedy they marginalize it and portray it as something that is not common and does not occur often. The Christian Media has brought this issue to the masses. Many books have been authored giving first hand testimonies to the horrors of SRA and the groups that portray these criminal acts. Because this subject has impacted so many young people in this nation and others I have included it on this site. SRA is very similar in its' affects to Incest. The aftershocks that are felt by the victim can spread forward years into the future well into adulthood.

 SRA is more sinister than Incest. Incest is committed against its' victims with the purpose of damaging the victim physically and some times emotionally. The intent of SRA is three fold. The individuals who commit these acts do so with the purpose of intentionally harming their victims physically, emotionally, and spiritually. SRA does just that. 


The body of the individual is injured and damaged in a number of ways. First there is the actual physical abuse that occurs. As with incest it is most often sexual in nature. The child is abused sexually while the ones abusing the child associate severe pain and trauma with the sexual abuse. Examples that I have had told to me include the placing of snakes all over the child's body,  the abusers dressing up as clergy or policemen while they abuse the children, the cutting and mutilation of body parts, the sacrifice of other children while the victim watches, and the forcing of the victim to kill other children..

The intent of this pages is not to glorify the works of Satan. Those listed above are strictly examples. We will not touch upon them again. The purpose of the abuse is to control the victim, degrade & demoralize the victim, break down the victim, and destroy all hope in the victim. This is so that the group who is committing the acts can build the victim into the type of person that they desire him/her to be. 

The immediate result is to create a literal hell on earth. Under most circumstances it is a family member who is involved in the groups who force the child to participate. This results in the devastation of trust and love. The body of the victim is put through unimaginable abuse but the real damage is performed against the emotional well being and spiritual well being of the victim. 


Emotionally the child/victim is destroyed. The child cannot deal with the abuse. The very tenants of authority and family that God has set up are utterly destroyed. The child is made to feel that these events are occurring because the child is at fault or worthless. The child is degraded emotionally and develops zero self worth. 

The only survival mechanism available to the child is to split off part of his/her personality and let that part become isolated so that it can deal with the trauma and pain. This allows the child to lead a "normal" life when the abuse is not actually occurring. In essence this is the deepest level of denial that a person can experience. 

The term for this is "Multiple Personality Disorder" or "MPD". In recent years many psychologist have also labeled it "Disassociative Identity Disorder" or "DID". MPD and DID have been well documented medically since the 1960's. MPD/DID causes a matrix of problems which will exist the entire life of the victim unless the individual enters into "Reintegration Therapy" with the assistance of a Therapist who is trained to work with victims of abuse. We cover MPD/DID further in our Incest section and MPD Section.

In many SRA groups the splitting off of personalities is one of the desired effects of the abuse. The reason they desire this to occur is that now the abuse will not show in public unless someone is trained to look for it or recognize it. The abuse is contained by the personalities that were created to experience it while the core personality can function normally in every day life. 

To any teachers or adults who work with children from the age of 2 to 9 years of age I would like to mention a few ways that SRA and Incest victims show that they are being abused. Now I do not mean to label all children in this way. It is normal for a child to be curious about his/her body but children who are the victims of SRA and Incest tend to do the following beyond the social norms of society. 

They are as follows:

1. SRA and Incest Victims from 2 to 9 tend to masturbate uncontrollably in public. They are obsessed and cannot stop even when scolded.

2. They tend to sexually violate other children. To them the behavior is normal and they cannot discern right from wrong.

3. They may be obsessed with death and things dying. They may speak of it beyond what would be considered normal.

4. They may have imaginary "friends" that they talk to.

5. They may know things that would be impossible for a child that age to understand and know.

These signs of SRA and Incest abuse are by no means sure ways to know if someone is a victim of abuse. They are however ways that victims who are suffering from abuse show the world what is happening when they go home. 


Victims of SRA and Incest are spiritually abused. How is this done? Spiritual laws apply to victims of SRA and Incest. One such spiritual law is that the head of the household is the protector of the family. This is detailed in our Incest section. 

When incest and/or SRA  is allowed to occur by the head of the family a problem in the spiritual realm is opened. God placed the father (or if the father is absent the mother) in the position as the Spiritual Head of the Family. Satan cannot directly access the children of the family. The Head of the family is in essence an Umbrella of Protection against demonic assault.   In order for Satan to access the children He has to have permission from the Family Head. Thus the Umbrella must be removed from those underneath it. If a child rebels then in essence the child is stepping out from underneath the umbrella and is thus exposing him/herself to the rain/Satanic attacks. 

When  incest and/or SRA  is allowed to occur then in essence the umbrella of protection is being removed and Satan is allowed to enter, afflict, & affect the children. Incest & SRA is in essence a demonic doorway. 

Due to the open doorway demons associated with the offender are allowed to enter the child. They take up residence in different parts of the person. Usually they harbor themselves into the emotions and mind of the person. Some will take residence in the body. Wherever they reside they stay to strengthen their position and entrench themselves to prevent easy removal. They also seek to further their influence and cause the child to become involved in further sin.

More so than with Incest, victims of SRA are opened up to a greater level of demonization. The demons gain legal right to enter the child/victim through permission from the father. Unfortunately the type of demons and the way they enter allow deeper penetration of the  victim. This is done through a number of ways. In many instances blood transactions occur. The victim is in essence sold to Satan or one of Satan's servants. The transaction is sealed with a portion of the victim's blood. This is either consumed or held by the Satanist/occultist. They believe that this gives them power over the victim. Satanic rites are performed on the victim. These rites give permission of the certain demons to enter the victim. These demons serve as "controllers" for the Satanist/Occultist over the victim's life. The intent of the abuse is to gain and exercise control over the victim. 

Basically anything that violates God's Law and the moral right and wrongs of conscience which God has instituted in man is what the Satanist/Occultist desire to violate. They stand in stark opposition of Jesus Christ. Their intent is to steal the innocence of the children and damage their lives to the point that no recovery can take place. God is gracious even in the face of such overbearing odds. God is in control. He can do all things. There is hope.

There Is Hope!

I want you to know that if you or a loved one has suffered from incest or SRA then there is hope. You have hope. Hope in Jesus Christ. He defeated those whom your abusers serve. They serve a defeated master. When Jesus Christ died on the cross and was raised from the dead on the third day, He crushed Satan's head and overthrew his kingdom. The kingdom of Satan belongs to the Lord Jesus now. Satan is operating illegally now in this world. When Jesus Christ returns this squatter named, Satan, will be imprisoned and all who are with him. You have hope.

Jesus can heal you thoroughly. It will not be easy but He can. The first step is to resolve in yourself that you want to be healed. The second step is to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. You cannot fight the battle alone. You have been alone for years. You suffered the abuse alone. You need an advocate. The advocate is Jesus Christ. 

Let me speak plainly. The demons which were placed in you by your family and the abusers are still present. They desire to keep you from receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior. They desire to keep you from remembering your past. They desire to keep you in bondage. You may have MPD & DID.  I recommend that you find a minister who can help you deal with the spiritual issues. The demons will have to be expelled. You will need help. Do not be Passive. Aggressively face what happened and determine in your heart to deal with it. Resist the urge to go into denial. Your main defense mechanism was to deny what happened. Face it head on. If you don't know any one, which 99% don't, then contact us. We will place you with a "Wholeness" Minister in your area or we will work with you directly. The goal is to be free. Remember the verse on the top of the page of the first page you came to? 

"If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed."

It is true. Jesus Christ the Son of God is the source of Freedom. You can be Free! 

Satan's main way of dealing with his enemies is to try to instill fear, hopelessness, and despair. Jesus brings peace, hope, and faith. Jesus defeated Satan. Satan lied to you and your family. Those who serve him are deceived. The fact that you are here reading this site shows they don't have control over you. You have hope. Take the first step. 

Below we have link to our request help section. Please follow the instructions on the Request Help site and someone who will assist you will be in touch with you shortly. 

 We will be by your side in your fight to heal and gain freedom. I say to you God Bless You. May the Lord Jesus Christ keep your footsteps sure and your path lighted. Amen.