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God Himself will provide!

" God Himself will provide! " Genesis 22:8

He has provided in the past—and He will provide in the future.
He has provided for our spiritual needs—and He will provide for our temporal necessities.
He who in love to our souls has bestowed on us the Unspeakable Gift—will not withhold the smaller favors of His providence and grace.

"The saints, what is fitting shall ne'er be denied,
  So long as 'tis written: The Lord will provide!"

Sometimes, indeed, the Lord delays to appear for the relief of His people—but only that His delivering mercy may be more conspicuous.

It was not until Abraham's hand was stretched out to slay his son—that the Lord interposed, and showed him the ram caught in a thicket by its horns, which he offered up as a burnt-offering in the stead of his son.

It was not until the widow of Zarephath had come to her last handful of flour, and to a little oil in a jug—that Elijah was sent to her, "the jar of flour was not used up and the jug of oil did not run dry"—until the day the Lord sent rain upon the earth.

We are not to look for miracles now; but God will provide what is needful and good for all who put their trust in Him, and walk in uprightness of heart.

"Though troubles assail, and dangers affright,
  Though friends should all fail, and foes all unite;
  Yet one thing secures us, whatever betide,
  The Scripture assures us, the Lord will provide!"

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