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Ghosts My Experience with "Ghosts

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Ghosts My Experience with "Ghosts

When I was thirteen my family moved into a house where the former owner had perished while residing in it. He was an elderly man who had an heart attack. His neighbors found him two days after he had passed away. This information was forwarded on to us by the realtor as was required for her to do so. This immediately allowed my imagination to wander along with that of my family's. Soon after moving in we noticed something; strange about the house. There was an energy that the house seemed to exude. Almost electrical in nature. This was just the beginning.

After we settled in I had intense fear of being alone in the house. My brother felt the same as I . We felt as if someone was watching us. After a few months we noticed that things and objects seemed to move by themselves when we would leave the room and come back. The front door would unlatch and open. In the morning we would awaken to find all the kitchen cabinets opened.

One day me and my friends were in the living room watching TV. The house was a traditional ranch in a L shape. See picture below.

In the graphic, which will enlarge when clicked, we were in the living room (green). There was five of us. Suddenly the curtains covering the sliding glass doors moved back and a man was looking at all of us across the patio. We immediately ran out of the house. Three of us ran out; through the sliding glass door over the patio and two ran through the far entrance of the house. We immediately surrounded the house placing one person at each corner so we could see if the man tried to escape while one person went next door to our neighbors to elicit his help. He arrived within a minute with a hand gun. He went through the house and searched it thoroughly. No one was there.

We were dumbfounded.

All of us had seen the man. How could he had simply disappeared. Then we realized that it wasn't a man but a ghost. We were even more fearful of reentering the house. Two of the boys went home. The three of us who remained stayed. Jeff Thompson went into the play room and retrieved a baseball bat in case the man had eluded our neighbor.

Then my younger brother started to behave oddly. He began to have night terrors as did I. He would awaken in the middle of the night and do the oddest things. On one such occasion he entered my parents bedroom, leaned over my father, and screamed a blood cur tiling yell. My father immediately arose shaking my brother for dear life. Then on another occasion he would enter their bedroom late and night and dance as a ballerina would. When my father would awake startled he would scream at him. "Robert, what are you doing!" My brother would respond, "You don't like it?" while crying.

We also heard knocks in the walls'.

All the time. Especially late at night. I heard one such knock that was so loud that I arose to see what caused it. It came from the living room. I turned on my bed room light and was walking out to the hall when my father met me in the hall with his shot gun. "Stay behind me" he instructed me. We entered the living room. From the living room we could see that every kitchen cabinet door had been opened. We found nothing in the house.

My grandmother would come over to iron our clothes. She would spend a couple of hours a week alone at our house. While there she stated that she felt someone watching her. Her solution to the dilemma was to just talk to the individual. When she felt his presence she would talk to him. She said that she didn't fear any more once she did that.

The Results of Living At The House

It was at this house that I became intensely involved in Dungeon's and Dragon's. You may say so what to this but if you know anything about Dungeon's and Dragon's you know that it is a "how to manual" on witchcraft and the occult. My life spiraled into rebellion and despair. I began to violate the law in a number of areas. I associated with individuals who had no respect for God. On a number of occasions I was approached by individuals who desired to win me to Christ and I rejected their attempts. It was at this house that I continually considered committing suicide.

My brother went through a number of issues as mentioned above. He also had; to see a psychiatrist to deal with his "emotional" issues.

My father began having a large number of affairs. He was eventually caught and my mother and father divorced when I was 17.

We moved from the house when I was 18. The bank foreclosed on it. My father had placed a double mortgage on it before he left for another woman. The last night I spent in the house was a drunken party with my friends which my mother allowed us to have for my birthday.

The "ghosts" are not solely to blame for the disintegration of me and my family. We are all responsible for our own actions. I do believe they had a large role in it.

What Is a Ghost?

Our culture and media have proclaimed the message that ghosts are just dead people who have not found their way to heaven after their death. They state that they are stuck here due to issues or problems related to their life or death that bind them here until they can be resolved. An entire theology has developed on ghosts. Movies have popularized these themes with such hits as "The Sixth Sense" and "Ghosts". An entire genre has developed around this philosophy.

In essence this world has developed a sense of security that if they are good and if they do good deeds that upon death they will not go to hell but will eventually make it to heaven. Seeing the example of Patrick Swayze in "Ghost" they hold to this false hope. His character told Whoopi Goldberg that if she gave the millions of illegal obtained dollars to the nuns then she would go to heaven. In other words, her greed would condemn her to hell while her selflessness would guarantee her entrance to heaven.

Is this factual? Is this truth?

No. Ghosts are not dead people floating around looking for answers to unsolved problems. They are not our loved ones who remain with us. The bible is very clear about this. When a person dies they go to heaven or hell. They are not allowed to remain and float around contacting loved ones or haunting unsuspecting people. The purpose of the deception is to give false security to people. It provides a way to heaven without Jesus Christ. This is a great deception that Satan has pulled off.

Ghosts are not dead people.

If Ghosts are not dead people then what are they? The answer is plain and simple. They are demons. Demons who have been given access to the individuals connected with a specific location due to a sin. There are two types of demons who portray themselves as "Ghosts".

The first type of demon is a kind I would label "Personal Demons". These demons gain access to the family or individuals of the property because of their personal sin. The person commits certain sins which give the demon a doorway into the person's life. Then the demon can manifest its' presence in the person's life in a number of ways. "Haunting" is a method to instill fear and to deceive the person into the myths that surround ghosts. If the person bites the "ghost stories" then the demon can insure that the person will never receive Jesus Christ as his/her savior and thus will never be free of the demonic bondage.

The second type of demon is a kind I would label "Territorial Demons". In my story on this page I fully believe that what we were dealing with was in essence a Territorial Demon. I am sure that my father, mom, me and my brother brought our own into the picture but the main one was territorial in nature. What do I mean by this? Territorial demons are demons who for some reason have associated themselves with a specific property or location. There are a number of reasons as to why they would do this.

The first is because of "legal right".

An example of this would be if some one used the house in the worship of Satan or other gods. Any demon associated with the ceremonies could assert legal right to remain after the house was sold. The demon would stick around simply waiting for the new owners to come so as to gain influence over them and possibly gain access to their bodies. This type is not limited to acts of worship. If someone was murdered or if the house/building was a place for prostitution or pornography then demons would have legal right to remain. Those associated with legal right will remain in the house/building until the legal right has been confessed and the demons are told to leave by the head of the family/household.

The second is associated with death.

If someone dies in a house that was "Co-Inhabited"/demonized then the demons are stranded. If they do not legal right to enter a relative or next of kin then they have no where to go. Demons and Satan's kingdom are extremely territorial. Demons cannot simply go into another household or area. They will be buffeted and beaten until they leave by those who control the area they seek to enter. The demons stranded by the death of their host will simply just hang around the house/building hoping that the next owners will not expel them or even better allow them through sin to enter their bodies and co-inhabit them.

How to Remove "Ghosts" - Demons

Fortunately it is not difficult to remove a demon or demons from a dwelling once the residence have resolved within themselves that they want it/them out no matter what the cost. There are a couple of things that need to be done.

First you must search your house for Occultic/pagan items and destroy them. What I mean by this is items that have been brought in from foreign countries, Occultic symbols, books, music, and etc. If it is used in the worship or ceremonial process by any group then it needs to be destroyed.

This will rid yourself of "Familiar" demons.

They attach themselves to objects or items and then follow the item. </P>Second you must search your own life and determine whether or not you are the source of the demonic manifestation. Go to our Deliverance</A> section if you don't know how.

Third, once you have eliminated the first two then you must close the legal ground for the demons attached to the house. If you don't know what is the legal ground then pray in the following manner.

You must be a "Born Again" Christian for the demons to obey you.

Father God, I come before your throne because I have been purchased by your Son, Jesus Christ. I ask you to eliminate all legal ground for any demon who has attached himself to my house. I ask that you close the doorways that have been open. What ever gave these demons legal ground I ask that you close the doorway.

I ask that you place this act and deed and all other's giving demons access to my house under the blood of Jesus Christ. I ask you this in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ.

Now that you have closed the doorway to the demons now force them out. Go to the front door of your house. Open it. Out loud tell all demons who are in your house to leave and go to the Pit "In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth". Forcibly tell them.