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"How much do you owe my Master?

"How much do you owe my Master?"
Luke 16:5

In a sense very different from that in which this question was asked by the unjust steward—let me regard it as proposed to me in reference to my obligations to my Lord and Master.

How much do I owe my Lord? Ah! this is a question I cannot answer.

I owed a debt of perfect obedience to the law of God. I was utterly bankrupt—and had not one good deed to pay! My Lord in infinite grace paid my debt—and became the end of the law for righteousness for me.

I was a slave to sin, and led captive by Satan at his will. Jesus ransomed me, not with silver and gold, but with His precious blood.

I was under condemnation as a transgressor of the law, and was exposed to its curse. Jesus in abounding love took my place, was made a curse for me, and died in my stead, even the death of the cross!

The debt of love I owe Him for His love to me, is vast indeed. It is a sweet debt that I shall always owe . I have some apprehension of the magnitude of it now—but I shall have a fuller view of it hereafter, when I see more clearly all the evil from which He has saved me—and all the good to which He has brought me!

"When this passing world is done;
  When has sunk yon radiant sun;
  When I stand with Christ on high,
  Looking o'er life's history,
  Then, Lord, shall I fully know—
  Not until then—how much I owe!"

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