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For What Are You Preparing Yourself? 3

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For What Are You Preparing Yourself? 3

I am torn between the two: I desire to depart and be with Christ, which is better by far; (Philippians 1:23—NIV)

Now the question is, What will we do in Heaven for eternity? We can't talk about the weather since the weather is always perfect. There are no responsibilities, except perhaps for governing the nations of the earth, no trouble, no pain, no suffering of any kind, no death, just endless joy and peace. Do we just rest forever? Is there anything to do? Can we do whatever we want? Will it be possible to sin?

If two people want the same thing, how will this be resolved? It seems when Satan and God were in Heaven together they both wanted the same thing.

Will our personality be changed to where we are content to do nothing of significance? Maybe there are computers or other items of interest.

Adam and Eve possessed many of the blessings we have mentioned. Yet they brought ruin into Paradise. Will we be able to sin and bring ruin into Heaven? What will change us so we no longer can sin?

Some have said we will be praising God for ten thousand years. I have noticed that fifteen minutes is a long time for people to praise God unless there is a special Presence of God in the meeting. Perhaps there will be such a Presence of God that we will be able to praise God for ten thousand years. Are you really looking forward to this or are you tired and desire to rest for awhile?

Are you deeply interested in a mansion or do you care more for who will be in the mansion? Would you rather be in a mansion with people you don't care about or in a tarpaper shack with people you love? What does your answer tell us about your deepest desires?

How would you feel if Jesus asked you to do something you really did not want to do? Maybe no such thing takes place in Heaven.

But what do we do?

What does Heaven mean to you? Would you change anything I have suggested?

I asked one person what he wanted to do in Heaven. His answer was, "Play golf." I found this interesting because there are beautiful golf courses in our area. Yet he wants to go to Heaven to play golf. What do you want to do in Heaven?

I hope I have included many of our thoughts and hopes concerning Heaven. If such be the case, how do we prepare ourselves for going to Heaven? Or is any preparation necessary?

We have already mentioned preparing for the "rapture" by jumping up and down. If this preparation is necessary, the pastors may wish to pay special attention to preparing the elderly or those with arthritis. A physician's advice may be indicated. We certainly do not want the infirm to be left behind. In fact, if the State of California gets wind of our preparations for the "rapture" the officials may insist that provision be made for the handicapped.

When we built the baptistry in our church we had to make provision for those who might be strapped to a gurney and still desire to be baptized. Rather than secure a block and tackle to the ceiling and lower them into the water while on the gurney, we stated our intention to sprinkle these candidates with water. How much more important would it be to insure that all members of the congregation are able to participate in an "any-moment rapture"!

To be continued. For What Are You Preparing Yourself? 4