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New Life Fact


YOU ARE CREATED in God’s image to share His life, love, purpose and creative plan. You are therefore infinitely valuable to Him. He is saying to you, right now: “I love you. I created my best when I created you. I paid a price for you and you are worth all I ever paid for you. I have destined my best for you.
God created humankind in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. In the likeness of God he created male and female.2

God made nothing inferior. He is first class all the way. He created you unique. You are exceptional —one-of-a-kind Before you were born, you existed in God’s mind. He knew this world would need you at this time. He planned you with a special purpose that no one but you could fulfil because no one on earth could do what you are here to do. Your God-given value does not depend on special genes from superior parents. Your worth before God is not measured by your assets, the colour of your skin, super intelligence or formal education. All sorts of miracles start happening when you discover and accept your value and your potential.

The Bible says, You are God’s workmanship.3 The man who wrote most of the Psalms was wonder-struck by how God made human persons. The Lord made people a little lower than God, and crowned them with glory and honor4 (K.J.V. a little lower than the angels. The original Hebrew word used is “Elohim” — God, as used in Ge.1:l.)
The Lord gave them dominion over the works of his hands; he put all things under their feet.5
The bottom line of positive and stable self-esteem is when you can say: “I accept the value that God has put on me. When you do that, you will then cooperate with God to develop the best possible you in this world.

Self-value will rid you of all jealousy because you will never again want to be anyone else.6
Self-value will wipe out inferiority because you are in God’s class of being and He, in you, is greater than any person or any power outside of you.7
Self-value will eliminate fear of failure or defeat because nothing can stop you and God working together.8
Self-value will give you courage because you discover that with God at work in you, you become indomitable.9
Self-value will cause you to stand up tall, to square your shoulders, to look out into the future with new confidence, to walk with a steady stride, and to rise to the level of importance for which God created you. ‘
God created human persons as much like Himself as any child can be like its natural parents.
God planned that whatever could be said about Him, could be said about you.’
God never planned you or me for poverty, inferiority, sickness, depression, want or insecurity. 12
God never created anything inferior — not you —not any human person.’3

As this powerful principle takes root, you begin to see and respect yourself as a member of divine royalty. 14
God’s family is supposed to represent Him and to reflect His lifestyle on earth. Recognise your value. When you do, you cause the seeds of greatness to germinate in you.’5 Keep those seeds watered by thinking on them and reaffirming your value until your attitude and conduct are transformed.

Now say this to God, out loud.

I RECOGNIZE my value, that You created me in Your own image and likeness. Whatever can be said about You can be said about me as Your offspring.

My life is Your very breath Your life in human form. Your best material is in me. I am the product of love. Tam created for greatness, crowned with glory and honour, to have dominion over all of Your works.

THANK YOU, LORD. I have had a rebirth of self-worth. Knowing that I am created in Your image and likeness reminds me of my divine origin, of my high purpose, of my infinite value.

I shall never again depreciate the me that You value so much. I shall never again put down what You have lifted up. I am not a nobody. I am a real somebody.



GOD’S DREAM for humanity is recorded in the Bible book of Genesis. His plan was to reproduce Himself in Adam and Eve and to have companionship with them.
But their friendship had to be two-way. God would need to be sure that Adam and Eve wanted Him, like He wanted them. They were not required or forced to respect Him any more than you are.
God placed them in the garden of Eden and gave them every tree that is pleasant to the eye and good for food; and the tree of life also in the midst of the garden.’</p>

The only condition: Since they were created in God’s image, to share His lifestyle, they were to trust what
He said. God made one single restriction to measure their faith and confidence in His dream for them. He said:
Of every tree of the garden you may free/v eat; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you will not eat of it; for in the day that you eat of it you will surely die.2
They were expected to have confidence in what God said and that is all that He expects of you and me.
Satan, God’s enemy, heard of God’s dream and con­ceived a scheme to induce Adam and Eve to betray
God’s trust.

Satan came into the garden.3 He contradicted God, asserting himself as an authority, and said: If you eat of
that tree, you will not surely die.4
Eve took of the fruit and ate it, and gave some to her husband with her; and he ate it.
That was the original sin — distrusting God’s word.

Say this to God.
LORD, now I understand why faith is so impor­tant. That is all You ask of me — just to believe
Your word.
I now realise that lack of confidence in Your word was the original sin. Your friendship and compan­ionship with me depend on our mutual trust. You want to know that I desire Your company and Your lifestyle, just like You have proven that You desire mine, And the only way I can prove my affection for You is to trust what You say.
I have not done that hi the past. I now realise why I have had to walk alone. I have played into the enemy’s hands by abusing the trust of life You placed in me.
WITH THE KNOWLEDGE of this basic prob­lem, I come to You, 0 Lord, convinced that Your word and Your way is the only basis for the abun­dant and blessed life You created me for.

From today, my choice shall always be to totally trust in Your living word.

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UNDERSTAND THAT DISAVOWING GOD’S INTEGRITY RESULTS IN DEATH</p> GOD’S ORIGINAL DREAM for Adam and Eve was that if they trusted in His integrity, they would live and prosper with Him forever If they abused His trust and disbelieved His word, the process of deterioration would begin and they would die. After Adam and Eve rejected God’s trust, He came into the garden and spelled out what the results would
There would be no grounds for a relationship with God. Adam and Eve had exercised their free wills and had, by their action, disregarded and disbelieved what God had said. The good life ended. Dignity was desecrated.
God said, in the day that you disavow my instruc­tions and eat the fruit I forbade, you will surely die.’

Without trust in God’s integrity, human persons sink into despair and disgrace, degeneration and disease,
destruction and oblivion, deterioration and death. Their lack of trust in the integrity of what God said was later called sin. The simple rule that God made was: The person who sins will die. 2
Later it was repeated in another way: The wages of sin (disavowing the integrity of God’s word) is death.3

Adam and Eve were no longer qualified to dwell in the garden with God. Separated from His plenty and beyond His protection, they were now subject to their new master who came to steal, to kill and to destroy4
That was the beginning of suffering, disease, pain, hate, lust, envy, murder, jealousy, loneliness, guilt, poverty, hunger, destruction and death.

Sin had entered the human race. It would be passed on to all generations. Whereas, by one person sin entered into the world, and death by sin so death passed upon all persons, for that all have sinned.5

The fundamental sin that severed God’s relationship with mankind was not murder or adultery or lying or stealing or hatred or abuse. It was the assumption or philosophy or attitude that God did not mean what He said. When that position is taken, deterioration sets in like a cancer and is terminal. When you do not trust God, you do not trust your­self, or anyone else. When you decide that God has no integrity, your own integrity is abandoned. Conscience is callused. Dignity is desecrated. The human person deteriorates and dies. Honour is gone. The lights go out. There is only darkness.

Say this to God.

DEAR LORD, I thank You for helping me to understand the final consequences of unbelief in Your word.
Now I realise why the wages of sin is death. I now understand that the original and the ulti­mate sin is to disavow Your integrity, to disbelieve Your word. When I do that, my own dignity as a human created like You is repudiated. If I do not believe in You, I do not believe in me. Excellence is bartered for mediocrity. Deterioration sets in like a terminal disease, and I die.

0 GOD, I thank You for helping me to realise that, since I am created by You, the God of faith, I can experience Your lifestyle and know true living by believing in Your integrity. Your word is Your bond. You intended for words to weld society together in mutual trust and inter­relationships. But when faith in Your integrity was abandoned, human life crumbled and fell apart. The lack of integrity turned inward, and the divine dignity of God’s creation died.

I THANK YOU, Lord, that Your dream for me is so beautiful. You created me to live on Your level. Confidence in Your word and Your way is the bond that unites me with You. I now realise that the integrity of Your word is the foundation of real life as You planned it for me. I do, here and now, honour Your word and pledge myself to trust what You say. And I believe that this faith will lead me to the discovery of the abundant life You originally created me to enjoy.

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GOD NEVER ABANDONED His dream for you. God is love and love never quits.

His love went into action the day Adam and Eve sinned. He found a just and legal way to restore humankind back to an intimate relationship with Him. Although they disavowed His integrity and disbelieved His word, God did not want His beautiful creation to deteriorate and die. And He does not want you to despair and decay in self-destruction and the shame of indignity. He says: I have no pleasure in the death of one who dies, so turn yourself and live.

God was not willing that any should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance.2

God so loved the world that he gave his, only be gotten Son, that whoever believes in him will not perish, but have everlasting life.3 But God showed his great love for you by sending Christ to die for you.4

It is vital that you realise how much God values you. He created you in His likeness and you are significant and pre-eminent to His plan. He made you for life, love, power, prosperity, success, honour and dignity. The seeds of greatness are in you. You are created in God’s class of being.

God’s whole dream is reflected in you. He loved and valued you too much to let you self-destruct.

When you learn to esteem what God esteems and value what He values, then you are ready to comprehend God’s salvation plan for you and to re-evaluate your own life by the measure of what He has paid to redeem you from death.

Your life is God’s life in human flesh. Recognise your roots in God and your value to God. You are His product. His best is in you.

Say this to God.

O LORD, I thank You for loving me when I did not esteem my own self. Thank You for placing such a high value on me. Though I abused Your trust of life in me and disavowed Your integrity, You valued me too much to let me die in my sins.

Although I deserved deterioration and death, Your love reached out to find a way to save me and to redeem me to Yourself so that we could he friends and partners in life like You originally planned.

Because You are love, You never take pleasure in seeing even the most rebellious and destructive person deteriorate and die. You value me so much that, to have me near You as a friend and a partner, You prefer to pay the full penalty of my sins, in order to justify me and to redeem me.

DEAR GOD, thank You for Your love for me. Knowing how You value me, I am learning to value myself. I respond to Your love and, here and now, I sincerely thank You for reaching out in love to save me and to lift me out of death, into Your abundant life.



GOD’S SALVATION PLAN would end the scourge of death and restore people to life.

What was His plan and how could it restore you to God and legally absolve you from the penalty of death for your sins? Substitution was the answer. If someone who is innocent of sin would willingly take the place of one who is guilty and assume full punishment for his or her sins, then the guilty one would be free and could be restored to friendship with God as though no wrong had ever been done. It was love’s idea. In order to provide you a substitute who had no sin of his own, God gave His own Son. Jesus Christ, God’s Son was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. He did no sin) Jesus was born by a miracle conception. The Spirit of God overshadowed a virgin and the seed of divine life was created in her womb. In that way Jesus was not born of human seed that had been infected by sin. Not only His conception, but His life among people had to be sinless, in order to be your substitute. God’s Son must be subjected to the same temptations of sin as any human person is. He had to be exactly like you and resist what human persons had not resisted. He had to prove that God’s original plan could work — that human persons could choose God’s word, and never dishonour His integrity.

Jesus had to be tempted by Satan just as Adam and Eve had been. This is why as soon as He was mature, He was led into the wilderness where Satan came to tempt Him exactly as he came to tempt Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Every time Satan tried to bring question on God’s word, Jesus rejected his suggestion and forthrightly asserted what God had said.3 The Bible says that throughout the earthly life of Christ, He was in every respect tested as you are, yet without committing any sin.4 That explains why He was able to be your substitute. Since He had no sin in Him, and committed no sin, He could assume your sins and give His life as a ransom for you.

Being made perfect, Jesus Christ became the author of eternal salvation.5 If your penalty of death was assumed by Him, you would be legally absolved of the penalty. Since no debt can be paid twice, or no crime punished twice, you would he restored as though you had never done wrong. Since Jesus Christ suffered the penalty you deserved, and since He did it on your behalf, you are no longer guilty before God and need never be judged for any sin you have ever committed.

The judgement you deserved was put on your substitute, in your place, and that judgement can never he imposed on you again. This is the heart of God’s plan in the Bible that we call salvation Now you can understand these Bible verses. I have personalised them for you. Jesus Christ bore your sins in his own body that you, being dead to sins, should live in righteousness.6 When you were utterly with no way of escape, Christ came and died for you when you had no use for him.7 God showed his great love for you by sending Christ to die for you while you were still a sinner8 Now God has declared you not guilty Now he will save you from all wrath to come.9 Now you can rejoice in your wonderful new relationship with God all because of what your Lord Jesus Christ has done in dying for your sins making you a friend of God.’0 Now, since you have been made right in God’s sight by faith in his promise, you can have real peace with him because of what Jesus has done for you.

So say this to God.

DEAR LORD,' I am so thankful to understand why Christ came and died for me, as my substitute.

I understand that the penalty of sin is death and that death passed upon all persons because all have sinned. But because of Your love, You gave Your Son, Jesus Christ, to die in my place.

NOW I UNDERSTAND that Jesus assumed my guilt and suffered the judgement of my sins. By doing that, He redeemed me and restored me to You, 0 Lord. Now it is as though I had never sinned. I am no longer guilty. My condemnation is gone forever.

No debt can be paid twice and no crime punished twice. My sins have been paid for. There is nothing against me anymore. The judgement I deserved was assumed by Jesus as my substitute.

THANK YOU, LORD, for Your plan of salvation. I believe that You bore my sins, in my place.


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YOU ARE RESTORED to God’s life again when you realise what Jesus Christ did and believe that He assumed all judgement for your sins in your place. These wonders of God’s grace take place in your life:

The righteousness of Christ is transferred to you and you are free of all guilt and judgement. 2)
Jesus Christ comes and lives the life of God in and through you. 3)
You become a new creation. 4)
You are restored to God according to His original plan. 5)
A supernatural power is given to you which makes you a child of God.
When Jesus Christ DIED, your old life of sin died with Him. Understand and believe that His death was for you. I have been crucified with Christ.
When Jesus Christ was BURIED, your old life of sin was put away forever. Understand and believe that Christ’s burial was on your behalf. We are buried with Jesus Christ unto death.
When Jesus Christ was RAISED from the dead, you were raised up with Him. Understand and believe that His resurrection included you.

God has raised Jesus Christ from the dead and has quickened you together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses.
D. When Jesus Christ arose in a NEW LIFE, you arose to walk in that same new life of God. Understand and believe that the new life of Christ can now he imparted to you. You are risen with Christ.

Christ is your life
Say this to the Lord


0 FATHER IN HEAVEN, I am so glad that I now understand the reason for Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. Thank You for sending Your Son to give His life for me. I now identify myself with Your sacrifice for me, 0 Lord.
When You died in my place, my old life was crucified with You.

When You were buried, my old lift of sin was buried too. When You were raised up from death, I was raised with You by new life in Christ and I can now walk in that same new life. It is the miracle life.

TODAY, I have come to understand the significance of what You did for me. I relate myself to what You have done for me.

I am thankful for Your great plan of salvation.


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GOD’S PLAN OF SALVATION is based on faith in the integrity of His word and on your right to choose to believe. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.’

All who trust God’s son to save them have eternal life.2

What specifically are you to trust or believe?

A. That Jesus was sinless and perfect;

B. That He died on your behalf and bore the judgement you should bear;

C. That He did it because God loves you and wants to live in you;

D. That God values you so much that He paid this infinite price to make that possible.

These remarkable facts are what is called the gospel or good news:

  • He suffered the penalty of your sins so that you can be saved from death and live eternally as He planned for you, with honour and dignity.

  • He suffered the consequences of your sins so that you can be forever absolved from guilt, condemnation or judgement.

  • He took upon Himself your pains, infirmities and sicknesses, so that you can be free of them and live in health and enjoy longevity.

  • He bore your insecurity, shame, inferiority and loneliness, so that you can live in fellowship with God again.

  • He died so that you can live.

  • He assumed your guilt so that you can receive His righteousness.

God made Jesus Christ who knew no sin to be made sin on our behalf so that in Him we might share the righteousness (or life) of God.3

The record of your sins was credited to Christ’s account. Then He assumed your guilt and bore the judgement you deserved.

In exchange, His righteousness was credited to your account and you were declared righteous in God’s eyes, forever.

When does this happen?

When you decide to believe the good news of what Jesus Christ did, and accept the fact that He assumed all of the judgement for your sins in your place. When you do that, you experience a miracle. This is what takes place in you:

  • The righteousness of Christ is transferred to you and you are free of all guilt and judgement.

  • Jesus Christ comes and lives the life of God in and through you.

  • You become a new creation.

  • You are restored to God according to His original plan.

  • A supernatural power is given to you which makes you a child of God. It is a miracle.

Christ opened the way for God to come to you and for you to come to Him. He is your link with God, your way to the good life, to success, to happiness, to total health and to abundant living.

It all happens when you believe the gospel and receive Jesus Christ into your life, by faith.

These results can take place in you today — now, because the Bible says, Now is the accepted time; Now is the day of salvation4 — for you.

1. You are reborn, re-created, restored to God, made new. You become a child of God. When you receive Jesus Christ, God gives you the miracle power to become his child.5

2. You receive a new spiritual life, the miracle life of God through Jesus Christ in you.

If you are in Christ, you are a new creature. All things become new.6 Jesus said, I am come that you might have life more abundantly.7

3. You receive total peace. Anxiety, hypertension, fear, guilt and condemnation are gone forever.

Jesus said, Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you.8 Being justified by faith, you have peace with God through your Lord Jesus Christ.9

4. You are restored to friendship, fellowship and life with God — the way you were designed to live on this earth. Truly your fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ.

5. Your physical body is affected so much by this new inner peace with God that your sicknesses disappear and you experience new physical and mental health. You will serve the Lord your God, and he will take sickness away from the midst of you.1’

The Lord forgives all of your iniquities, he heals all of your diseases.’2

Say this to the Lord.


O HEAVENLY FATHER, I am so thankful to know and understand the gospel and to believe what it says.

I believe on Jesus Christ and, by faith, I receive You, dear Lord, as my personal Saviour — now.

You were without sin, yet You died for my sins. You took my place, assumed my judgement and suffered my penalty in order to ransom me and to restore me to God as though I had never sinned.

You took my sins and now, by accepting You, You impart to me Your righteousness.

I have come to realise what a price You paid to prove how You value me. Your blood was shed to make me clean.’3

0, JESUS, MY LORD, since You paid the full price for my transgressions, there can never be any further price for me to pay.

I believe that I am saved here, now and forever because of the good news of what You accomplished when You died in my place.

Now I am restored to God my Father through Jesus my Saviour. I have recovered the dignity You planned for me.

I do believe that You have now come back to live in me like You originally planned when You created

I believe I am saved. You and I are one again because of what Your Son, Jesus, did in my place.

The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses me.’4

The life of Jesus Christ regenerates me.’5

The joy of Jesus Christ fills me.’6

I am of infinite value.’7 Thank You that You love me. I am Yours.’8

You have made my body Your temple. I am redeemed and accepted. I am commissioned in the Kingdom to represent You in this life.’9

MY SINS ARE PUNISHED. They can never be punished again. My debt is paid. No debt can ever be paid twice.

I am saved — here and now.

I believe, and I am free. Thank You for the power that makes me a new creature, now that I have welcomed You home to live in me.

I am as valuable to You as anyone. I am as beautiful in Your eyes as anyone. I have Your nature. I am loved. I can love others. Whatever I sow in others, I will reap. 20

Thank You that I am part of Your plan. I have a place no one else can fill.21

No longer will I condemn myself. No longer will I destroy what You value.22

Now I am accepted. I can do Your work. I am born again. I am a new creature. I have repented of my old values. I have changed my mind about myself and about other people.

Knowing how You value each human person has given me a new value of human life.

I SEE YOU, 0 Lord, with new eyes. I see others as You see them. I see myself in Your image.

Together we can never fail. Father, everything is possible for You.23

Thank You, Lord, that You now live in me.

In Jesus’ name.


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